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Aquaman star Jason Momoa is very grateful for the film's success, and recently expressed his gratitude to fans via a personal video message. For about as long as he's been famous, Momoa has had a reputation for being a down to earth guy who likes to have fun, and also loves to interact with his fans. While Momoa's first role came during the latter years of Baywatch - pictures from which have since become a meme - it wasn't until he landed the part of Khal Drogo on HBO's Game of Thrones that his career fully took off.

As popular as Khal Drogo was though, it seems safe to say that Momoa's signature role will definitely be Aquaman. Momoa was personally cast in the part by Zack Snyder - a man Momoa maintains a close friendship with, even down to publicly asking that the Snyder Cut be released - and first played the character during a cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. He then got his first big screen spotlight in Justice League, with his work being cited by many as one of the bright spots in a largely problematic film. Now, Momoa can be seen playing Arthur Curry in James Wan's Aquaman solo movie, which has already become the highest-grossing DCEU movie worldwide.

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Currently the #1 movie in the world, Aquaman is a massive success by any measure, and is now one of the most widely beloved films of 2018, despite releasing at the tail end of the year. Momoa is fully aware that while he, Wan, and the rest of the cast and crew may have made a great movie, that wouldn't matter if the fans didn't come out to support the project at their local theater. With that in mind, Momoa recently posted a video message offering a heartfelt thanks to everyone who's seen and enjoyed Aquaman. Check it out below.

As usual, Momoa is in a jovial, sarcastic mood in the video message, seemingly joking about being on his own private plane, featuring some of his amused fellow passengers on camera, and suggesting that if fans haven't seen the film a second time, that it's even better on a re-watch. Momoa looks to be in great spirits, despite the worldwide press events he's been doing for the film for many weeks now. Then again, starring in the most popular film in the world is bound to make anyone happy.

At this point, it's unclear if Aquaman will get a sequel, but with Wan's film nearing $1 billion worldwide, the decision seems like a no-brainer. For his part, Wan has said he isn't sure he's up for doing another superhero blockbuster right away, but one can bet that Warner Bros. and DC would like to retain his services if possible. For now, Aquaman's reign atop the box office continues.

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