Aquaman’s Jason Momoa Not At All Offended By Body Shaming Trolls

Aquaman star Jason Momoa reveals his opinion on trolls who labeled him as having a "dad bod" after photos of him at the beach surfaced online.

Aquaman’s Jason Momoa isn't at all offended by body shaming trolls. The DCEU star has been the subject of so much exposure over the past few years that it’s easy to forget how relatively new of a face in Hollywood he is.

That being said, Momoa’s physique has been a major point of focus since he arrived on the scene, especially after roles in HBO’s Game of Thrones and his somewhat recent appointment as Aquaman. At 6’4, Momoa’s onscreen presence is quite commanding, and some fans will be more familiar with his chiselled build than his actual acting. Unfortunately for Momoa, however, recent images of the 39-year-old at the beach prompted online trolls to accuse him of having a “dad bod”, igniting an online body shaming campaign that seems to take issue with the fact that Momoa doesn’t look like Aquaman every single day of his life. And while this can largely be attributed to jealous trolls hiding behind their computers, no one - Hollywood star or not - likes to have their body shamed or mocked.

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Fortunately for Momoa, the online body shaming doesn’t seem to bother him one bit. A new TMZ video shows the star having just gotten off a flight while being questioned by a TMZ reporter. After wishing Momoa a premature happy 40th birthday, the reporter asks how his Guinness cake was, which had been presented to him during a recent surprise birthday party that was sponsored by the famous Irish stout. Momoa responds that the cake was good and that “Anything Guinness is good.” The reporter then uses this as a set up to shame Momoa about his “dad bod”, saying “That’s not going to quell rumors that you’ve got a dad bod, eating cake.” To which Momoa pats his stomach and states: “Oh, that’s alright.” As to whether or not Aquaman was offended by trolls saying he had a dad bod? “No. Not at all,” said Momoa. Remaining friendly and calm throughout the somewhat irritating paparazzi’s presence, Momoa departed, but not before saying, “Tell TMZ I’ll show you my dad bod soon enough.”

Momoa’s parting remarks likely had to do with the fact that with a full slate of high adrenaline focused and physically demanding roles on their way - like Aquaman 2 and a potential starring role in the Cliffhanger reboot, he'll once again be taking on the strict exercise and diet regimen that transforms his body back into what fans are used to seeing on screen. However, judging by many of the responses to trolls after the whole “dad bod” incident first began, Momoa’s fans love him no matter what.

It is, of course, ridiculous that anyone would mock Momoa for the way he looks, given that although he may have been seen not looking like Aquaman, he’s still clearly in excellent shape. But therein lies the absurdity and insecurity of online trolls and their constant need to attempt to take down everyone and everything. Momoa has handled the situation with professionalism the entire time, proving to everyone that he’s happy with who he is and that ultimately, his personality wins out over any amount of online maliciousness.

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Source: TMZ

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