Aquaman Will Finish Filming This Month

Jason Momoa's solo DC Extended Universe film Aquaman is moving through production and is now scheduled to wrap by the end of the month. Audiences have so far only seen a brief look at Momoa's DC hero, but with Justice League right around the corner, it may not be long before he is a breakout hit. Warner Bros. is surely hoping that will be the case as his solo movie is set to be the first film released after the team-up (and the only DCEU film of 2018).

With Conjuring and Furious 7 director James Wan at the helm and a talented ensemble surrounding Momoa, production on Aquaman began back in May. The Australian based production has been the source of quite a few set photos and videos, but none too terribly revealing. Any chance of those looks coming are continuing to diminish with the film looking to wrap this month.

The Aquaman Shrine - a Twitter account that has closely followed the production of Aquaman - has provided the latest production update. The film will now reportedly skip out on a previously scheduled visit to Sicily (one that many thought could bring the Amazon's into the film), but has allowed them to move up the wrap date to the end of September. No definitive date has been stated yet, but the cast and crew will surely commemorate the wrap as it happens.

Wrapping at the end of September means Aquaman was in principal photography for roughly six months, a schedule that falls in line with DC's previous efforts like Wonder Woman. However, unlike previous productions plagued by doubt and rumors of quality, Aquaman has avoided those, all while Momoa shines in Justice League marketing and as the brief SDCC footage made an impression on attendees.

As production winds down, Aquaman will now begin to turn to post-production work and marketing. The film is still over a year away so Warner Bros. has plenty of time to nail down the final cut of the film once it is wrapped, but with toy designs starting to be revealed, it will not be long before fans begin to ask about the release of a trailer. Since production will wrap about a month and a half before Justice League hits theaters, it is not unrealistic to think the first teaser will arrive in the lead up to Momoa's big "debut." If not, it will surely happen soon after - especially if he is a big hit.

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Source: The Aquaman Shrine

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