Aquaman: 23 Wild Fan Redesigns Better Than What We Got In The Movie

Aquaman is doing what most DC Universe movies have failed to do: revitalize a character, take the world by storm, and take audiences on a thrill-ride. The film passed the $800 million mark internationally in just two weeks and continues to soar, delighting us all with its progress. While some critics argue that the movie doesn't have much substance, it's exactly the type of adventure moviegoers love, and it also makes the DC underdog, poor Aquaman, whom so many fans use as a punchline, the strongest contender out of the DC hero lineup-- after Wonder Woman, of course. Aquaman is outperforming and shining brighter than both Batman and Superman. Perhaps we've all just had enough of the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel.

As incredible as Aquaman is, there were a few visuals that left some fans wishing for a bit more, particularly when it comes to those who've been fans of Arthur Curry for the long haul. Jason Momoa has completely made the character his own, but he is notably different from the original Aquaman in appearance. While many of us love the update, and how the film ties Momoa's casting into Arthur's own parentage, others are wishing for a bit more of a throwback, especially in an age where nostalgia reigns supreme. Still others feel that the 2018 update could go much further, giving the characters a much more modern look and feel.

From new cultural influences to cool costume redesigns, here are Aquaman: 25 Wild Fan Redesigns Better Than What We Got In The Movie.

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25 Old-school Aquaman

While the traditional Aquaman we all know and many love is a much more clean-cut, towheaded superhero, artist Brian-Robertson has re-imagined the nautical protagonist as something of a blend between both worlds. The artist's rendition isn't as muscle-bound or dark-haired as Momoa's representation, but he is a little rougher around the edges with a bit more bulk than we're used to in the comics. Oh, and he's also sporting sideburns.

It's exactly the kind of update that old-school fans might enjoy while still including a few updates.

24 Wicked Aquaman

One of the biggest complaints many of us have about the DC adaptations, along with many films, is the lack of cultural diversity and diverse representation in general. While some strides have been made, much more could be done, and artist JamesBousema has created a costume design that gives Jason Momoa a new look, influenced by armor from Japan.

It's a really cool look that would lend the DC verse a bit more variety without straying too far from the original design.

23 Edgier Black Manta

David Hyde's had some interesting looks over the years, including in his current incarnation, as portrayed by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in Aquaman. Black Manta takes on an even edgier appearance in this piece by artist EricGuzman, where the villain sports sharper angles, protruding spikes, and more of a red glow. The claws are an especially foreboding touch, lending this version a darker, more modern look than even the one we saw in the film.

Abdul-Mateen, who taught himself to swim for the role, could definitely have pulled this costume off.

22 Electric Mera

Amber Heard may not have initially wanted the role of Mera, but we're glad she accepted and brought her to life. We do wonder if her outfit could have looked a little differently, though. Artist Arkenstellar has a gorgeous update on the costume with minor changes that really make the look pop. We love the gold touches, particularly across Mera's chest, and think this piece would look really great on Heard.

It's a bit more heroic and a lot more royal. Perhaps it's a fitting update for Heard in the sequel.

21 Scruffy Aquaman

Jason Momoa's Aquaman doesn't leave us wanting much, but some fans dig the idea of shorter hair and less facial hair. Perhaps this piece by kyomusha meets them in the middle with a scruffy look that doesn't quite need beard-grooming or a bun. This Aquaman is buff with minimal scruff, and sports a super simple costume that covers up most of his skin.

The small embellishments on this version's bracers and pants are great. Sometimes less is more and it's a nice, easy look that leaves room for the actor to fill out the space.

20 Simply Contrasting

EricGuzman has many cool pieces featuring DC characters and one of them shows what both Aquaman and Ocean Master might look like if drawn in contrasting colors. The orange and teal look is pretty intriguing, and while it might not carry out as well on film, it would look pretty cool in an animated movie featuring the characters.

The simplicity of the designs don't take away from the characters; in fact, Aquaman's devil-may-care expression is only heightened by the lack of bells and whistles.

19 Dazzling Mera

Amber Heard's Mera was awesome, but it would be interesting to change her wardrobe up a bit, and this piece from artist yasminliang is a great place to start. It's got such a comic book feel that we almost need Heard to try on these dazzling outfits, even if she'll have to get back into warrior garb rather quickly for most of the movie.

Who wouldn't want a scene with Momoa and Heard in some really fancy Aqua-duds decked out to the nines? This is definitely a step up from the jellyfish dress.

18 Old-School Armor

Some of Aquaman's longtime fans really wanted to see their traditional hero on-screen. Even if the film is one of the best DC adaptations, there's merit in many of the old ways, including this throwback to Aquaman's armor by kyomusha. The artist keeps Momoa but changes his hair and wardrobe a bit to make him look more like the Aquaman we're more familiar with.

While we got to see Aquaman's version of the classic comic book armor once Arthur retrieved the trident, this version is even cooler.

17 Fresh Color Redesign

Many of the redesigns we've seen feature a lot of changes in the hair, face, and body department. Many also change up the way Aquaman's suit looks like in general. Artist harlequins-graveyard actually took the suit and gave it a color update, resulting in a really intriguing design. This version still looks like Momoa, but it gives him a more oceanic look that could help blend in better with the environment.

The look is almost "ocean camo," and looks like it could even change color according to Aquaman's surroundings.

16 Modern Aquaman

If Jason Momoa hadn't worked out, would Chris Hemsworth have done the job? That's almost what this piece by TexPool looks like. Dark and reserved, this version of Aquaman does look a little too brooding to be played by either jokester gentleman. It's almost the Aquaman we'd expect after seeing the previous DC films; falling into place with the more brooding Superman and Batman.

In terms of fitting in with the film adaptations, this version is better simply because it works within that established Snyder aesthetic.

15 Orm Marius

BossLogic is known for some pretty incredible fan art and this piece featuring Patrick Wilson as Orm doesn't disappoint. Nothing against Wilson's portrayal of the Ocean Master at all, but BossLogic's costume is frankly way better. Just look at all that detail! It's much more reminiscent of the comic book-- this more intimidating wardrobe choice would have worked much better for the role.

This version of Ocean Master could really have stepped out of the pages and into the movie.

14 Alien Black Manta

What if Black Manta had a more alien appearance? That's what this version of Hyde, created by dopepope, looks like. Sleek and updated, this version of Black Manta would not look out of place in a more science fiction-themed Aquaman film. Aquaman in Space? Okay, probably not, but regardless, the artist's work is very cool in a haunting and futuristic way.

This version of Manta wouldn't even be completely out of place in the current film and could work fairly well with the rest of the movie's wardrobe selections.

13 Classic Aquaman

If Arthur Curry were to look much more like he used to in the comics, he might resemble this version of Aquaman by AnubisDHL. This classic version looks a lot like Chris Hemsworth again. We could see him appearing as a more old-school Aquaman. The water effects the artist included around the character are especially impactful.

The artist has made other versions of Aquaman and multiple other DC characters as well, including a more modern version of this character minus the beard and long hair, but with movie Aquaman's wardrobe.

12 VikingAquaman

This entire piece by artist nebezial is a stunning rendition of a Justice League variant cover and we love the Viking-esque Aquaman in the left hand bottom corner. We've got the beard and flowing hair that Momoa brings to the screen, but it's a Scandinavian look that points back at Arthur's original 'do. It's almost as if someone gave Thor a trident and made him an Atlantian god rather than an Asgardian one...

We also just love the look and stance of this Aquaman. He's obviously a strong and determined character.

11 Rugged Warrior With Short Hair

In Aquaman volume 7, issue #13, Mera tells Arthur, "Don't be like the rest of the world. Don't undervalue who Aquaman truly is." It's an obvious jab at those who've poked fun at the hero over the years. While it's doubtful anyone's going to do that anymore with Momoa in the suit, this version by karlosshuddos is no laughing matter, either.

It's a perfect blend of old meets new with Momoa's facial hair and Aquaman's classic blond hair, and the costume is detailed and powerful.


9 Warrior Redesign

Whether in apprentice gear or in his royal armor, King Orin's always cleaned up nicely, especially now that Jason Momoa is the face of the character. Artist jjjehu gives us an idea of what the character might look like in a modern DC animated movie adaptation now that he's got Momoa's features.

From the cool boots to the sleek hair with just a touch of roguish flyaway, the lean physique to the shining armor adornments, these are some cool interpretations of the hero.

8 The Ruler Of Atlantis

This piece by professoradagio depicts just why the look of comic Aquaman could still be quite cool to see on film. This blond hero isn't wimpy or doofy but completely formidable and ready for battle. He doesn't need new updates to appear fearsome and courageous; only his own foreboding presence.

Yeah, this Aquaman is a bit chilling, but he's undeniably charismatic and would translate really well to a darker film. DC's got plenty of those already, so this version might work.

7 Hipster Aquaman

A hipster Aquaman would fit right in today's culture, and also be able to offer turnabout mockery to all of the people who've mocked him over the years. Artist phil-cho gives us a really cool and detailed piece here imagining what that might look like.

Is it the bun or those mischievous eyes that make us want to swoon over this alternative Aquaman? He looks ready to fight for Atlantis-- or our hearts. He also looks like he might make a decent barista.

6 Fierce Aquawoman

Artist Ulics decided to create a gender-bent version of Aquaman known as Aquawoman, and she is fierce! Aquawoman gives us a glimpse at what it might look like if we could have a woman in Arthur Curry's place. It would be great to see the DCEU's current line up feature more women. Wonder Woman shouldn't have to go it alone anymore.

Everyone from Thor to Iron Man's had a female reboot in the comics. How about it, DC? Earth-11, anyone?

5 Green eyed and dark-haired Aquaman

We're far from having equal representation in film and more superheroes of color are always needed. This olive-toned Aquaman in Justice League colors by artist CrisstianOcruz gives us exciting ideas. We know and love Momoa as Aquaman now, but that doesn't mean that there won't be future reboots; in fact, they are almost guaranteed by the current reboot and remake model of the film industry.

While many of us might lament Momoa ever departing the role at that point in time (no lamenting a loss of childhood, folks; a movie is not your childhood), maybe we'll be able to celebrate another Aquaman of color.


3 Non-Atlantean Aquaman

What if Aquaman weren't an Atlantean? He's already been shunned for only being half-Atlantean as it is and we've seen how that turned out, but what if he never joined the people of Atlantis? This hipster-looking "sea shepherd," created by artist Polygonine, could be just the bitter result of that.

As connected as Arthur is to the ocean and its creatures, he'd obviously still be protecting it-- just by other means. This is pretty much the Aquaman we deserve in 2018.

2 Old Man Aquaman

We've had an Old Man Logan, so why not an Old Man Aquaman? This grizzled character, courtesy of OldManLefty, is incredible. With his hooked hand, scarred face, and cool tattoos, he's what would happen if an Atlantean married a Viking god. This Aquaman has been around for a season or two and he obviously knows what he's doing.

Maybe this is the version of Arthur that will come to pass, especially given the success of the first movie. We can's see this franchise tanking and the character's bound to get some battle scars along the way.

1 Anime Aquaman

This is an incredible redesign courtesy of Tiffany Yong. The artist re-imagines Aquaman in an anime style, complete with a traditional Aquaman outfit with some updated twists. Her idea brilliantly brings forth an updated character who lends some much-needed representation in the DC lineup and also looks like a capable, handsome hero with his blue-black locks and angular features.

Yong has created several cool original characters, as well as vibrant pieces of fan art of various kinds, so it's no surprise that this one is so compelling.


Do you have any fan art to share for Aquaman? Let us know in the comments!

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