Aquaman Director Confirms Movie Is Finished

Director James Wan confirms Aquaman is officially done. Warner Bros. is looking to right the ship that is their DC Extended Universe quickly and hopes have remained high that their lone film of 2018 can begin to do so. Jason Momoa's version of Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman has already made two appearances, but it will be Aquaman that really gives him the time to shine. He was a scene stealer for many in Justice League and director James Wan has been tasked with properly filling out the vast lore that is inherent with Aquaman.

Unlike some past DC productions, it has been smooth sailing for Aquaman with James Wan steering the project. This isn't his first time making a blockbuster film after all, and he's utilized social media wonderfully to provide fans (who are always looking for more information) with updates on Aquaman's status.

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Today, James Wan made a very big announcement on his Instagram by revealing that Aquaman is 100 percent done. Wan has spent the last two years in pre-production, actually shooting the movie, and most recently editing away. He and his post-production crew have now finished all the necessary work needed for Aquaman to be ready to hit theaters next month. Wan took this opportunity to thank everyone who has spent their time working on the film and reveal that he's now going to take a much deserved nap before the long press tour begins.

It was previously confirmed that Aquaman will hit theaters with the expected PG-13 rating, so Wan appears to have had his final cut locked in for a while now. This latest announcement just means that now they've finished all the VFX work, sound editing, and other post-production steps. Wan and company have now completed work on Aquaman nearly two months ahead of the film's actual theatrical launch stateside.

However, this does not mean that Warner Bros. will now look to bump up Aquaman's release date as many had hoped for. The movie is set to open earlier in December in several international territories (like China), but there's also the promotional tour, fan events, and critical screenings to think about. It was recently rumored that the red carpet premiere in London will take place in late November, so there's only a few weeks left before critics may start to see Aquaman. The film is currently projected to have the lowest opening weekend of any DCEU film, but that could change significantly depending on the response. The film was previously likened to Phase 1 MCU movies in terms of the quality and execution, but it still has to go up against Mary Poppins ReturnsBumblebee, and more in its first weekend. Now that Aquaman is officially in the can though, the buzz can soon begin to grow and possibly propel the latest James Wan film to more success than currently expected.

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