Aquaman Comic-Con Trailer: Fan Edit Is Better Than The Real Thing

Aquaman's first trailer debuted during Warner Bros.' Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Co 2018 and was released online soon after, but the overall response to the trailer was mixed, so one fan already created a remixed version that ends up being better than the real thing.

The trailer that WB released online is not the only Aquaman trailer that was screened at the convention, but the second trailer shown during the panel remains a Comic-Con exclusive. Many fans who were lucky enough to be in Hall H when the second Aquaman trailer premiered are of the opinion that the second, extended version is a big improvement over the one WB chose to release to the general public. This makes WB's decision a frustrating one for those fans who couldn't attend, especially when it's a trailer that serves for many as first impression of the finished film.

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It's only a matter of time before the exclusive Comic-Con trailer receives a wider release, but in the interim, YouTube user Patrick Willems re-edited the trailer in way that not only fixes the pacing and ordering of scenes, but leans even more heavily in to the light-hearted tone and goofiness of the movie. You can check out Willem's remixed Aquaman trailer below.

If The O.C.- inspired theme song (lyrics by J. J. Acobrams, music by Jaycee Nicodemo and Rich Jeffreys, and originally written in 2013 for the webseries, Aquaman: The Teen Drama) wasn't enough of a hint, this fan edit of the official Aquaman trailer is meant to be watched with tongue firmly in cheek. Still, it's hard to deny that Willem's edit of the trailer creates a better flow for the action and more succinctly paints an impression of the Aquaman movie as the fun and playful adventure that WB wants to promote. It really just goes to show how much of an effect the editing can have on a trailer, and that maybe, WB should be giving Willems a call about editing any future trailers.

Of course, WB does have the Aquaman trailer just waiting to be widely released, and why they chose to instead release the more underwhelming of the two trailers to the public remains a mystery. Still, Aquaman has a lighter tone than previous WB/DC films, which is sure to be refreshing for a lot viewers, and Willem's re-edit manages to convey it better than the official trailer ever could.

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Source: Patrick Willem

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