Aquaman's Atlanteans Are Almost As Powerful as Superman

UPDATE: Read everything revealed by the Aquaman set visit reports.

There is one thing that the Aquaman movie might clear up for DC fans: Atlanteans are nearly as strong and invulnerable as the Man of Steel himself, Superman. In DC Comics, Atlanteans are a fictional race of sea people who live in the ancient underwater city of Atlantis. And they are some of the most ancient beings to reside on Earth, though their origins are alien.

At one point, Atlantis was even the center of civilization on the planet. The upcoming Aquaman movie focuses on Arthur Curry, a half Atlantean and half human man who must reluctantly become King of Atlantis and help protect it from threats, not just from surface dwellers - and it looks like Arthur's people are more than capable of handling themselves against those threats.

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In a set visit report from JoBlo, it was revealed that, in the DC movie universe, Atlanteans are almost equal in power to Superman and, presumably, other Kryptonians as well:

"The Atlanteans have the ability to live underwater and have enhanced physical characteristics, just a notch below Superman in terms of power/invulnerability. However, they can be damaged or killed by their own technology."

Aquaman vs Superman in DC Rebirth

One fundamental question left, though, is, how powerful is Arthur? As he is only half Atlantean, can he match Superman in strength and power? It's probably not something that will be explicitly revealed, but it is something that could be tested in a brief encounter between Aquaman and Superman, should the DCEU want to depict another hero vs hero fight. These comments also suggests that Mera, who is fully Atlantean, is stronger than Arthur, although Arthur is the one intended to become King of that undersea world. Director James Wan addressed that (via JoBlo):

"It's because most Atlanteans, their bodies are built to withstand thousands of pressure. They live so far down. So when they come up, their body is...they're not aliens from another planet. But because of the physics of our planet and all that stuff, when they come up to the surface world, their body can withstand really strong pressure, right?"

Another thing revealed in the set visit is that Atlanteans have a particular kind of battle armor and weapons, similar to the  armor and weapons that elves used in The Lord of the Rings films. However, each specific army regiment will have its own armor and weapons to match its specialty. Atlantean warriors will also use various sea animals in battle, including sharks and squids. Those animals will also have their own armor.

A new Aquaman movie poster that recently released focuses on some of the sea creatures that are a part of Arthur's army. It seems that the primary setting of the movie is under the sea, meaning that fans can expect a lot of cool watery special effects. That also means that Arthur's sojourn on land will probably be short, given that he has more important things going on beneath the seas. 

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Source: JoBlo

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