Aquaman Set Building Amnesty Bay Lighthouse in Australia

Amnesty Bay Lighthouse from DC Comics' Aquaman

Aquaman's Curry Lighthouse is currently coming to life in the form of a large new set off the coast of Australia. Director James Wan has been busy shooting scenes in various Australian locations since the start of May, and titular star Jason Momoa has been preparing for his role since well before that. Momoa will play Arthur Curry, who will learn of his true place in the world as Aquaman during the course of the movie.

Featuring flashback scenes with a young Arthur and his father, played by Temuera Morrison, Aquaman is expected to feature the Amnesty Bay-located Curry Lighthouse as a key location spanning many years in the movie's timeline. It's unknown how involved Momoa will be with scenes filmed on the lighthouse set, if at all - but the set itself looks impressive from early photos that have surfaced in Australia.

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As reported by the Gold Coast Bulletin, a huge, elaborate set for Amnesty Bay's Curry Lighthouse is currently being built on a headland near Hastings Point, described as a popular whale-watching destination in New South Wales, Australia. The area will be closed to the public for a few days in August when the cameras roll for Aquaman shoots, which Wan needed permission to do from the local governing body, Tweed Shire Council. However, the report added that the crew will spend a total of eight weeks at the location.

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At this point, Morrison is the only actor known to be involved with the shoots at the lighthouse set. It's unclear if Momoa, Amber Heard, or others will be involved. The lighthouse could be the setting for scenes featuring the young Arthur Curry, played by Kaan Guldur at age nine and Otis Dhanji at age 13. Momoa and Morrison snapped a photo with each other from the set in April, while Dhanji was previously spotted on set in photos in Australia's Gold Coast area in May. Heard and Momoa took a break for a photo with Wan earlier this month.

The Curry Lighthouse has long been one of the most important location in Aquaman's mythology, and the place where Tom Curry discovered and raised Arthur. It's virtually guaranteed that key young Arthur scenes will take place there, but the set looks like it will be big enough to be home to many key scenes featuring Momoa as the grown-up Arthur as well.

The set still appears far from finished, however, and it's unclear how the finished product will look or how large it will turn out to be. But much like Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. appears invested in and dedicated to honoring the classic Aquaman origin story without modernizing or unnecessarily modifying it. The large presence and apparent importance of the Curry Lighthouse in the movie is sure to excite longtime fans.

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Source: Gold Coast Bulletin

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