Aquaman: Amber Heard Shows Off Her Comic Book Research

Justice League - Amber Heard as Mera

Aquaman star Amber Heard shows off the comics she's reading to prepare for her role as Mera in James Wan's DCEU entry. As it stands, the sole focus of the DCEU next year will be Aquaman. Though the film has been pushed back twice already, it's still set to roll into theaters by the end of 2018 and follow-up Arthur Curry's adventures from Justice League. In doing so, DC and Warner Bros. will open up a whole new corner of their universe, one even Marvel haven't yet explored. Aquaman will mostly take place underwater, which will allow for some stunning and unique visuals. Of course, it will also require a great deal more work than the typical action film.

Delay or no, the film is still shaping up to be an exciting one. Wan has already begun scouting tropical locations for the movie, ensuring a globetrotting and swashbuckling epic. Meanwhile, the cast looks to be exquisite, with the likes of Nicole Kidman as the Queen Atlanna and Patrick Wilson as Arthur's brother Orm. Plus, playing Arthur's love interest Mera and the future queen of Atlantis is Amber Heard. We saw a glimpse of her in the latest trailer for Justice League, in which she'll have a small role. Aquaman will properly focus on her, however, and Heard is making sure she's ready.

Heard took to Instagram to share a pile of Aquaman comics she's been reading in preparation for the role. Check them out below:

Catching up on my reading #aquaman #dccomics

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While the collection is likely just a group sent to her by DC, they could point towards story elements. The Rebirth titles may be too recent to factor into the movie much, but they could hold clues for the version of Arthur Curry we'll see. The more interesting books are the Sword of Atlantis ones, though they're far less likely to factor into the film. They see Aquaman presumed dead with his mantle taken up by a young man with the same name as him. In reality, Aquaman is in disguise and persuades him to do this. The story also sees Orin making a deal for power and end up dead for it. All in all, it's far too convoluted to adapt for the movie.

Heard is meanwhile training her body along with her mind for the role. We've seen her post videos of her in combat training and learning to sword fight, teasing the Mera of the movies will be every bit as tough as in the comics. Hopefully, we'll get a better look at her character in an upcoming TV spot for Justice League, as an Aquaman trailer is likely a long way away.

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