Aquaman 2 Script Being Written by Original Co-Writer

Warner Bros. is bringing Aquaman co-writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick back to write the script for Aquaman 2. Although there was plenty of hope that Jason Momoa's solo Aquaman movie would be a hit, no one was quite expecting the results it received. Favorable reviews helped propel the jam-packed DC blockbuster to becoming the highest-grossing DC film of all time.

Aquaman's box office total is now over $1.1 billion worldwide, so it's no surprise that there has been chatter for the last few weeks that the studios were moving forward with plans to develop a sequel. The news came as director James Wan remained unattached to helm the sequel, but it's reportedly because he's just waiting for a good script before signing on. There had yet to be any word on who could potentially tackle the screenplay and try to win Wan's favor, but we now know it'll be someone very familiar with the DCEU's take on the fish-talking superhero.

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The Wrap reported that David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is set to write the script for Aquaman 2. Johnson-McGoldrick co-wrote the original Aquaman with Will Beall. Beyond the familiarity he already has with the character, Johnson-McGoldrick's ties to Wan run even deeper, as he wrote The Conjuring 2 and The Conjuring 3, which Wan directed and will produce respectively.

Now that Johnson-McGoldrick is returning to write the script for Aquaman 2, it'll still be a few months at least before more updates come. If the story is already mapped out, then the script could come together a bit quicker, but if Johnson-McGoldrick needs to crack the story first, then this will be a longer process. Based on some of the sequel set up that Aquaman did, it would appear that he has some ideas for where the franchise could go next and what Arthur Curry's next challenge could be.

With Aquaman 2 continuing to gain momentum, the future of the DCEU looks to be growing underwater. There was recently a report that an Aquaman spinoff movie The Trench is in development with Wan producing too. Although the project has been met with some skepticism, Warner Bros. and DC possibly giving the script the Cloverfield treatment may be an exciting development for the film and the future of the comic book movie genre. Either way, it's difficult to fault the studios for going deeper into the Seven Seas when one looks at how successful Aquaman was. There's plenty of potential for the future, and Aquaman 2 could help expand the franchise's reaches even further.

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Source: The Wrap

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