Jason Momoa Hypes His DC Future: Fans Have 'No Idea What's Coming'

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Aquaman star Jason Momoa posts a hyped video response to DC's future movie plans after a meeting with Warner Bros. about what's coming - potentially teasing Aquaman 2. Momoa joined Warner Bros' Worlds of DC franchise when Zack Snyder cast him as Arthur Curry for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Momoa made a glorified cameo in the film as setup to his full introduction in Justice League and he would have had a role in Snyder's planned Justice League sequel as well. Further, Warner Bros. and DC Films planned a solo Aquaman movie, which recruited director James Wan and hit theaters late last year. Reviews of Aquaman were mixed to positive, and the film was a hit among moviegoers, earning more than $1 billion at the global box office.

Warner Bros' plans for the Worlds of DC has changed somewhat since Momoa was cast, but thanks to the box office success of Aquaman, the superhero is sure to be part of the franchise for years to come. Before the solo movie even hit theaters, Momoa revealed he had Aquaman 2 ideas. More recently, Warner Bros. officially put Aquaman 2 into development, along with a spinoff horror movie, The Trench. The latest news arrived just this week when Aquaman co-writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick was reportedly hired to pen the script for the sequel. Now it seems Momoa has learned something new himself and has posted his reaction to that news.

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Arguably the Worlds of DC's biggest hype man, Momoa took to his Instagram Story to document his trip to the Warner Bros. and DC Films offices, where he met with Aquaman and Shazam! producer Peter Safran along with DC Films president Walter Hamada. Since Instagram Stories are not embeddable (and are automatically removed 24 hours after they've been posted), check out a portion of Momoa's story in UberKryptonian's tweet below.

It's unclear what exactly Momoa discussed with Hamada, Safran and others during this meeting, but the likeliest topic is Aquaman 2. Considering the amount of work it took to bring Arthur Curry's first aquatic adventure to life on the big screen, Warner Bros. and DC Films are no doubt eager to get started on a sequel so that it can release as soon as possible. Since there's been movement on Aquaman 2 lately, the meeting may have entailed Warner Bros. and DC Films executives laying out the plan for Momoa about what's next for his superhero character. Whether that includes only Aquaman 2, or potential appearances in other DC movies - like The Trench - remains to be seen.

Of course, Momoa's video doesn't give us much to go on since it's really just a bunch of excitement contained in short Instagram Stories segments. But that said, Momoa has garnered plenty of love among DC fans (no matter their gender) for his infectious enthusiasm about all aspects of the Worlds of DC - whether that be Snyder's original Justice League vision or his own future in the superhero franchise. As a result, even if Momoa doesn't reveal anything new in his Instagram Story aside from the fact that he had a meeting at Warner Bros., it does effectively get fans hyped for what's to come. Actual concrete info will hopefully arrive sooner rather than later.

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Source: Jason Momoa/Instagram

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