Aquaman 2 Won’t Be James Wan’s Next Movie as Director

James Wan is planning to direct another movie before Aquaman 2. After making a name with the horror films Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring, Wan made the leap to the world of big-budget features with 2015's Furious Seven. His accomplishment on the movie - which became a critical and comical hit - was all the more impressive, considering that star Paul Walker tragically died part-way through production. Wan would go on to helm DC's Aquaman a few years later, and the final result was another well-received crowd pleaser that grossed well over $1 billion at the box office.

Wan has since wanted to take a break before he tackles the Aquaman sequel, and with fair reason; the first entry was a truly massive undertaking that felt like several movies crammed into one (as its Honest Trailer has pointed out). Thankfully, Warner Bros. has been more than happy to accommodate him, and currently has Aquaman 2 scheduled to arrive in December 2022. As it turns out, though, Wan isn't planning to take an extended vacation until the sequel gears up.

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Cinemablend recently interviewed Wan as part of Annabelle Comes Home's promotional tour, and asked him if he knows what he wants to direct next. The filmmaker confirmed that he's got something in the pipeline before revealing that it isn't Aquaman 2 (not yet, that is). However, he refrained from revealing anything beyond that.

James Wan directing Vera Farmiga in The Conjuring

Truth be told, it's not surprising that Wan's got something planned before Aquaman 2. The director likes to keep busy (see also: the sheer number of movies and TV shows that he's attached to produce right now), and he has about 1-2 years available in his schedule before he needs to begin shooting the Aquaman sequel to make its 2022 date. He's not hurting for options either, given all the films that he's currently involved in developing in some manner. Case in point: Wan is part of the creative team for the horror-themed Aquaman spinoff The Trench, and has been set to produce reboots of Arachnophobia and The Tommyknockers in the past year.

While it's possible that Wan has an eye on directing The Trench himself, he might prefer to take a break from the DC universe between now and Aquaman 2. He did something similar a few years back when he helmed The Conjuring 2 in-between Furious Seven and Aquaman, as a sort of palate cleanser away from the world of big-budget tentpoles. And while he won't be directing The Conjuring 3 (which is already in production), there are several other percolating Conjuring spinoffs (like Crooked Man and The Nun 2) that Wan may be considering right now. Of course, he could also be planning to helm something original next, instead. Whatever the case may be, his fans will no doubt be excited to learn more.

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Source: Cinemablend

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