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Following last week’s revealing episode of Lost, I felt it only appropriate to continue the reveals, even if it’s not coming from watching the show. So, I once against scoured the internet for any and all remaining Lost spoilers for the episodes to come. Considering after tonight, we’ll be six episodes away from the finale, there aren’t many spoilers left and those in the know are starting to shut down when it comes to revealing anything relating to the end of the series.

Despite the dwindling episode count and the tight-lipped sources, I was still able to find enough spoilers to satisfy any curious Lost fan. There’s a list of questions to be answered, the most shocking upcoming deaths as well as reactions from insider’s who’ve already seen all the episodes before the series finale.


(While the title should be warning enough, I am going to once again go out of my way to let you know that everything below contains spoilers. This will really impact your viewing of the upcoming episodes of Lost. Continue at your own risk.)

If, for some reason, this article doesn't contain the spoilers that you're looking for, make sure to check our previous two Lost spoiler posts, Lost: Final Season Spoiler Roundup and More ‘Lost’ Season 6 Spoilers; Upcoming Scenes Revealed, to see if it has been covered previously.

Young Jacob - Lost

Young Jacob from "Across the Sea" (via: Dark UFO)

Questions Answered

  • There will be a scene between Michael and Hurley where the whispers will be explained
  • Almost every episode will have one big question answered.

In the May 11 Jacob/MIB-centric episode, "Across the Sea:"

  • How does the smoke monster get created?
  • How did the frozen donkey wheel come to exist?
  • How did Jacob and MIB come to be on the island?
  • How are the rules decided?
  • Who are Adam and Eve?
  • How do you become the protector of the island?

Most Shocking Upcoming Deaths

There's an explosion on the sub described as "brutal" and "horrifying" where many people die.


  • Illana (very sudden)
  • Jacob's Mother
  • Widmore
  • Sayid
  • Sun

Lost - Man in Black

Insiders Speak

If you’re a fan of Lost, I suggest checking out Dark UFO. Not only are they the largest Lost fan site on the internet, but they also have direct contact with many people who have seen all of the upcoming episode of Lost except the series finale.

Here are some highlights of what they had to say...

Most memorable scenes coming up are:

  • Submarine explosion
  • MIB/Jacob episode
  • Hurley, Michael and the whispers

Reaction seeing the smoke monster explanation:

  • "It makes me think. Ok, so, if Locke continued to fall down that hole in season 1, he would have become a second smoke monster?"

Things disliked from upcoming episodes:

  • "I guess I did not like the Adam and Eve reveal as much as I thought I would."

  • "The sideways stuff & anything involving Kate."

  • "[Nothing] really, except for the feeling that the way they are going with the on-island storyline is to end it with the last man standing type of thing. I've liked it but it's not what I hoped and expected for these characters."

  • "Some of the answers were a little cheap"

Lost - Alternate Sawyer

What's going on with the alts:

  • "Personally, I think they are what happens at the end of the finale"

  • "I think all of the characters will come together and have a moment somehow where they all know what happened to each of them on the island."

  • "I really have no idea, although later episodes suggest that the people in the sideways are slowly starting to have a deja-vu moments and subtle memories"

  • "Gut feel is that they are the outcome of something yet to happen on the island"

Will we find out why the island was underwater in the premiere?

  • "I think that will be the finale scene, seeing how it gets submerged"

  • "I hope so, otherwise that scene was pretty pointless"

  • "I think this answer will be like a lot of answer on this show, not specifically told to us, but an answer we can deduce from information in the show."

  • "I hope someone (Jack/Desmond) does something in the finale that creates the Alt timeline that also causes the island to sink underwater. So, I'm hopeful"

  • "I'd like to think it gets answered or at the very least inferred explicitly to us, the audience, otherwise it's going to be a bit confusing. I'm sure this will be answered."

Who will Kate pick (on-island and alt timeline)?

  • "Sawyer on the island, no one in sideways"

  • "In the Alt, I'm hoping for Jack because with Jack being the predictable main character/hero and what he does on the island I'm pretty certain Sawyer and Kate get together there in that time period."

  • "Alt, I have no idea, no one? On island, Sawyer, if anyone lives in that timeline."

  • "I don't think anyone ends up together in the sideways storyline, and if I had to pick on-island, I'd say Sawyer and Kate due to Jack having more important things to do."

  • "On-island, probably Sawyer. Off-island, I think Sawyer gets with Juliet"

So, there you have it. One more set of Lost spoilers that people can get angry at me about even though I warned them over and over. With so few episodes left, the only way I could see another spoiler post coming up is if a bunch of information is release about the series finale. Although, I’m starting to think the chances of that happening are quite slim.

What do you think of the spoilers? Anything shocking? What are you looking forward to? What are you not looking forward to?

Let’s hear it!

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Source: Dark UFO

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