April Fools' 2018: The Best Movie-Related Pranks

April Fools Joker Rick and Morty and Kylo Ren

April Fools' Day 2018 may have fallen slap bang in the middle of the Easter weekend, but that didn't stop a lot of pranks taking place. Today we're going to take a look at the best movie-related gags from around the internet.

Whatever the truth may be about its history - misinformation is fittingly high - the Internet has allowed April Fools to become something quite special. It's the one day of the year where "fake news" is applauded rather than disparaged. Companies and websites compete to tell the most out-there story to leave readers (and viewers) roaring with laughter. This year was no exception to the trend; it saw everything from the new Roku Happy Socks to the announcement of Amazon's new HQ. In honor of April Fools 2018, here are the best of this year's movie-related April Fools jokes.

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The Joker Origin Movie Is A Dark Knight Prequel

DC Film's ever-expanding slate of movies has raised many an eyebrow among fans. One of the most curious proposals is an "Elseworlds" Joker movie, that will apparently chart the origin story of the Clown Prince of Crime. In the spirit of April Fools, Screen Rant revealed the film's official synopsis:

"20 years before Batman saved the city in THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY, Gotham was a dangerous place. In the crime-ridden Narrows, one man tries to escape his unfortunate lot through a passion for theatrics and stand-up comedy. However, one bad day is all it takes in this city, and soon the well-meaning man has become the most dangerous criminal of all: the Joker. Directed by Academy Award Nominee Todd Phillips (WAR DOGS) and produced by Academy Award Winner Martin Scorsese (GOODFELLAS), this prequel to Academy Award Nominee Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT will explore how the Clown Prince of Crime came to be."

Yes, that's right, according to this report The Joker is actually a prequel to The Dark Knight. Entertainingly, a number of commenters found the story to be pretty plausible, which may speak volumes about Warner's strategic vision of superhero movies.

Shazam! Trailer Released

Leave it to David F. Sandberg to join in with the fun. The Shazam! director released a fake trailer for the movie, and even revealed it's full title: Shazam!: The Rise of Ponysmasher. If that makes you do a double-take, just take a look at Sandberg's Twitter handle. So far, Sandberg has demonstrated that - like Ron Howard - he's a director who aims to make the most of social media. The film is still early in production, so a real trailer isn't expected anytime soon.

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Official Kylo Ren Cosplay

The 501st Legion are some of the most committed Star Wars fans in the galaxy, best known for their stunning cosplays. In support of April Fools' Day, they released costume specifics for "Kylo Ren: Supreme Leader Swolo." This included detailed costume components, most entertainingly for the "shredded arms and chest." It's important that the skin-tone matches with the cosplayer, and that seams are concealed. Naturally, the cosplayer can still choose to go bare-chested if they have an eight-pack, but there should be no visible body hair.

Short Round Cast for Indiana Jones 5

In another April Fools 2018 joke from Screen Rant, we announced that Ken Jeong had been cast to play Short Round in Indiana Jones 5. "I always felt Short Round was a great character, so I’m excited to finally have the chance to bring him back as an adult," 'Spielberg' explained. "Ken, I believe, perfectly encapsulates all of Short Round’s best qualities and will bring immense amounts of heart and humor to the part."

Amazon's New Headquarters - On Mars

Breaking news from PYMENTS, as Jeff Bezos revealed Amazon's HQ2 will be the first building in Mars's new capital city, Alexalopolis. Bezos acknowledged that explorers would be giving up a lot to become Mars' first colonists, and insisted Amazon would make the offer attractive. "The very least we can do is make sure we can give them as much of the best of Earth as we can: Prime membership, two-day shipping, Prime Video and Prime Music." Pressed as to how Amazon aimed to fulfill these promises, Bezos merely replied, "Teleporter," before ending the call abruptly.

It's a perfect April Fools, made all the better by PYMENTS' standard blurb at the bottom. They assure readers that this is an April Fools joke and "any resemblance to real news is purely coincidental."

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A Ferris Bueller Reboot With Edgar Wright and Tom Holland

Rounding out Screen Rant's April Fools 2018 pranks was another strangely-believable news story that only goes to show how ridiculous the sort of projects that get greenlit can be. As the story goes, Edgar Wright and Tom Holland were teaming up to reboot Ferris Bueller's Day Off for #SaveFerris.

Obviously fake, it still got a response from Wright himself, who said Holland was directing and him starring. Watch this space.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Cast Is Now Just Sterling K. Brown

Sterling K. Brown's appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been seriously hyped up, but nothing hit the mark quite like the official Twitter account announcing he'd be taking over all the roles with a side-splitting redo of the opening title. To be honest, this is the sort of marketing joke you'd expect the show to play regardless, but it being April Fools definitely helped.

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