What Happened To April Ludgate After Parks & Rec Ended

Parks and Recreation April Ludgate Ending

Aubrey Plaza portrayed the character of April Ludgate throughout Parks and Recreation's seven-season run. By the time the sitcom came to a conclusion in 2015, April had gone through a major transformation, and the series finale provided a lot of insight into April's later life.

April was the intern at the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department when she was introduced in Parks and Rec. She was known for her apathetic personality and extremely dark sense of humor. Due to these qualities, Ron Swanson saw her as an invaluable asset so he hired her as his assistant. April remained at the Parks Department for much of the series, which is where she got to know Andy Dwyer. After dating for a brief time, the two got married in season 3. Even after being happily married, April never lost her deadpan dialogue.

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Despite working well with Leslie Knope and the rest of the Parks Department, April never felt fulfilled by her government job. At one point, she spent time as Ben Wyatt's assistant before becoming the Deputy Director of Animal Control in Pawnee. April then worked for Leslie as an employee for the National Park Service's Midwest Region. In Parks and Rec season 7, April revealed to Leslie that she wanted a new career. Leslie took her to the American Service Foundation to assist her in finding a new job. Instead, April and Andy decided to move to Washington, D.C. so April could work at the foundation. The series finale flash-forward scenes revealed that the married couple stayed in Washington and April gave birth to their son, Burt Snakehole Ludgate Karate Dracula Macklin Demon Jack-o-Lantern "Jack" Dwyer, in 2023. So what happened after April became a parent?

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In a separate flash-forward scene, it was revealed that April and Andy traveled back to Pawnee to reunite with their friends in supporting Leslie's decision to run for governor of Indiana. The year was 2025 and April was pregnant with her second child. There was no indication if April still worked for the American Service Foundation but her entire family seemed content. It's possible that after April and Andy got a taste of the outside world, they decided to move back to Pawnee to raise their kids.

Wherever April ended up, she would not have lost touch with the lifelong friends she made in Pawnee. There was a reason that Leslie was made the godmother of her first child. April's former co-workers supported her through every big milestone and there would be no way she could forget that. When Donna needed help starting a non-profit after moving to Seattle, she contacted April for assistance. The relationships April made in her hometown would continue no matter where life took her after Parks and Recreation.

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