5 Movies We're Looking Forward To: April 2013

Oblivion Poster

While April is relatively light compared to last month, there are still plenty of films worth checking out. Additionally, there are a few movies that did not make our list, but might appeal to a smaller selection of audiences.

There's the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 (April 12th), which stars Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman. Scary Movie 5 (April 12th) also comes out this month, since someone thought these movies were still relevant. And then there's the romantic comedy The Big Wedding, which is chock-full of high-profile stars but has received little marketing.

But, as was mentioned, it ultimately comes down to Bay vs. Cruise. Who do you think will win the month of April? Which movies are you excited to see this month?

Once again, here are the 5 Movies We're Looking Forward to in April:

  • April 5th: Evil Dead, Jurassic Park 3D, Upstream Color
  • April 19th: Oblivion
  • April 26th: Pain and Gain
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