5 Movies We're Looking Forward To: April 2013

April Movie Preview - Evil Dead

When the remake of Sam Raimi's seminal classic, Evil Dead, was first announced, many fans cried foul. However, when star Bruce Campbell and Raimi himself signed off on the project (both are producers on the film) there was a hope that Evil Dead could buck the bad remake trend. And then that terrifying red-band trailer arrived, it proved that, if nothing else, this movie wasn't pulling any punches.

Yes, there's no Ash (or is there?), but a lot of the other key elements from the original Evil Dead appear to be well preserved. Early buzz for the film coming out of SXSW was mostly positive, proclaiming the film a fun and gory ride. Most importantly, the success of this film could determine whether Raimi and Campbell get to make a proper Evil Dead/Army of Darkness sequel.

Check out the trailer for Evil Dead.

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