Apprentice 4 Finale: Randal Delivers a Shocker!

If ever there was a neck and neck finish on The Apprentice, it was this season (Season 4) between Randal, the uber-educated, calm and kind business owner and Rebecca, the cool as a cucumber, broken ankle trooper and business journalist.

When it came down to the final moments, I honestly didn't know who Trump was going to select, and I almost thought it was going to be Rebecca, when he suddenly made his decision and selected Randal. I'd been pulling for Randal and have thought that he would win for weeks now, so I was pleased with the decision. I was impressed with the fact that someone could actually go through the process with their integrity intact and with no one holding a grudge against them and still win. This, as opposed to the animosity always generated against the finalists by the end of any season of Survivor.

It's obvious that Trump values exceptional people in his organization so I was kind of prepared for the possibility that he might actually hire both finalists to manage different projects. So when Trump actually floated the idea of hiring both of the two finalists to manage different projects I wasn't surprised. The shocker was when he decided to ask Randal whether he thought Rebecca worthy of managing the project that Randal had not selected.

I believe that Trump took for granted that considering the mutual respect between the candidates that Randal would say "Hey, great idea!". However Randal stunned everyone (including Trump, I'll wager) when he said instead:

"This isn't The Aprentii, it's The Apprentice."

Considering his personality and history to date, I was completely and utterly floored...

The only possible explanation I could think of off the top of my head is that saying "yes" would have invalidated every thing he said about her not being the one for the job. That, and the fact that it would have detracted from his own victory... but I'm trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

Quite an ending to Season 4 of The Apprentice!

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