Apprentice 3: Finally an interesting match up

Finally got around to watching last week's premiere of season 3 of The Apprentice (Hey, my DVR got twitchy, thank goodness for the rebroadcast on CNBC!).

I'm really glad that they've gotten rid of that STUPID men vs. women premise and instead have gone to what they should have done since the first season: College grads vs. self made non-grads. Being in the latter category, I am, of course rooting for the "street smarts" gang to win. Having said that, I have absolutely no doubt that a non-college grad will not win the title of "The Apprentice".

I believe that no matter how well the street smart side does Donald will defer to the college grad side for a VP position in one of his companies. He can't help himself. Of course that may not be entirely a bad call, since if you want a corporate lackey you should select someone trained for the job. ;)

We'll have to see how it goes, but the first episode showed that those high school folks aren't fools, and the project leader for the first task will go far in the show.

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