Apprentice 2: More racial controversy?

First off, one of my predictions (albeit based on just what I read online) was WAY off as one of my top two picks was the first to get the axe (Rob). Overall, I'm sticking to my predictions though.

The topic of this particular rant is that the show seems to be headed for another racsim controversy.

It seems to me that the producers were so happy with the buzz generated during last season's accusations by Omarosa of racism, that they've put in another ringer. This season they've included yet another apparently wacky black woman: Stacie J.

I say "apparently" because who knows how far off from reality her TV personality really is when subjected to the magic of the editing room. That being said, I do believe that Omarosa had a massive chip on her shoulder. I don't see that in Stacie J., however it certainly seems like the show is laying the groundwork for an episode similar to last season.

At one point during the season premiere episode she seemed to go slightly off her rocker... kind of like someone who's had a bit to drink at a party, or someone who is trying to cheer up a bunch of people and doesn't know when to stop. She was really annoying to everyone, therefore she becomes a target, and mark my words that the race issue will come up before it's all said and done.

Why did the producers of the show apparently go out of their way to find yet another black woman to play the role of "unstable woman"? In my mind that is nothing more than race-baiting of the worst kind: NBC wants the audience to play into that game and it is bound to cause divisiveness.

I'm absolutely sure that they had hundreds of applications from qualified, strong, intelligent black women. I'm not saying that those descriptions don't apply to Stacie J., but she does have an edge about her and that was probably a big factor in selecting her.

Shame on you guys for going down this path on purpose.


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