Apprentice 2: Kelly wins it

First, I have to say that the finale of Apprentice 2 had to be the most dragged out episode of a reality show I've ever seen. It made the extra 30 minutes tacked on to the end of every episode of The Biggest Loser look like a commercial break. Thank God I have a DVR and watched the thing time delayed so I could skip over much of the junk, like Trump asking regular members of the audience (as opposed to professional acquaintences) for their opinion on who should win.

Ok, so I didn't pick the actual winner way back before the season started, but I did select Kelly as one of the top two finalists way back in August. Once my other selection for top two got booted on the very first episode :shock: I've never wavered from my remaining prediction. I must admit that Jennifer M. was on my short list of folks to go first, but after skating through the first half of the season she toughed it out to second place.

Doesn't matter that she didn't win, number two on this show will go on to receive tons of juicy (and well-deserved, I'm sure) offers.

In the preview for season 3 of The Apprentice, it seems that they're tossing the men vs. women scenario and replacing it with college grads vs. non-grads with real world experience. I thought that would have been a better split than men vs. women way back at the start of season 1. Of course without having seen so much as a bio or photo of the contestants, I'll go out on a limb and say that Trump will end up hiring someone from the college degreed side. I think he's a purist and would never turn over a high level position to a non-college grad (that's not a slam, as I don't have a degree myself).

Lastly, props to Mark Burnett for having the ability to turn Donald Trump into a bonafide celebrity. If Burnett can do that, he deserves to get paid whatever he does.

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