Apple TV+ Streaming Service Launching This Fall With Original Shows

The Apple TV+ streaming service is launching this fall, with original shows in tow. It’s been just over a decade since Apple first took steps to incorporate their Apple TV concept into their already diverse and highly popular line of personal electronics. Though originally intended to join the company’s other “i”-based products as iTV, the name was changed to Apple TV shortly after being unveiled, as a result of legal threats from UK broadcast network ITV.

Since that time, Apple TV has received mixed reviews from users, while undergoing numerous iterations. Enabling subscribers to use a variety of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, the microconsole provides subscription services to a host of other specific channels, allowing subscribers to dive into a great deal of content across the board. There's long been talk regarding Apple’s desire to enter the highly competitive original content streaming market, and we're now getting a clearer picture of exactly what that move entails.

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Thanks to Engadget, we know that during a special live event, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage to announce Apple TV+, the company’s upcoming ad-free, original content streaming service. The service will launch in the fall of 2019, and will be available in over 100 different countries. At present a complete list of the service’s original programming has not been announced, but if Apple’s live event is anything to go by, the stage appears to be set with some very big names indeed.

The entire live event began with a video that featured the likes of Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and Octavia Spencer, before Spielberg appeared on stage and proceeded to speak about Apple TV+ as well as the stories he wishes to tell on the new streaming service. Shortly thereafter, Reece Witherspoon, Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston took the stage to talk about their new dramatic series The Morning Show, which will stream exclusively on Apple TV+. In addition to these huge guests, Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodward were present to introduce their sci-fi series See and comedian Kumail Nanjiani spoke about Little America, the anthology series he’s writing alongside his wife Emily V. Gordon, which details the immigrant experience in America. Other celebrities to stop by and help emphasize the magnitude of Apple’s latest venture were musician and actress Sara Bareilles, and perhaps most exciting for some, filmmaker J.J. Abrams.

There’s no doubt that Apple has the means to realize a truly exceptional original content streaming platform, but it's ironic that Spielberg would appear so heavily in favor of the new service, given his recent controversy surrounding Netflix. That being said, at present there still aren’t any indications what this will cost potential subscribers, and although Apple has the finances to back up its vision, they lack the original content experience of other much larger streaming platforms. It’s hard to say how this will come together with its launch this fall, but as things stand, Apple TV+ is looking quite impressive.

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Source: Engadget

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