Apple TV+ Reportedly Targeting November 2019 Launch

Apple TV+ is reportedly eyeing a November 2019 release date. There is already a plethora of streaming services available with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and others, but the field is set to get more crowded this year. Of course, there's been much publicity surrounding Disney+, the Mouse House's streaming platform that will be home to Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and more. Disney isn't the only mega corporation looking to get into the streaming wars; tech giant Apple is set to launch a service of their own.

Without the impressive back catalog Disney has at their disposal, Apple is banking on the names of high-profile creators drawing in subscribers. Taika Waititi is developing a Time Bandits reboot; M. Night Shyamalan has a new series; Steven Spielberg is bringing back Amazing Stories; and J.J. Abrams is reuniting with his Alias star Jennifer Garner (among other projects). Those are some big names looking to make a splash with Apple, but it's been unknown when viewers would be able to get Apple TV+. Now, a target window has been revealed.

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According to Bloomberg, Apple is hoping to launch Apple TV+ in November 2019. The idea currently is for there to be a free trial at the start, before a $9.99 monthly charge is enacted. It's important to note none of this has been officially announced, but it still gives consumers a general idea of what Apple is considering at the start.

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The November release date is interesting, because that's when Disney+ will be available in five countries (with a global rollout planned over the next two years). Clearly, Apple is looking to steal some of Disney's thunder by serving as direct competition and possibly forcing consumers to choose between one or the other. Not everyone has the budget to pay for multiple streaming services, so they may have to make some tough decisions. If Apple waited until some point in 2020 to debut Apple TV+, many prospective subscribers might have already turned their attention to Disney. Disney, of course, has a distinct advantage in terms of content, but there should be an audience for Apple TV+ as well. They have some high-level talent already attached and want to shake up the Oscar race by producing prestigious films. Cinephiles may find Apple TV+ an appealing alternative to Disney+.

It'll be interesting to see when Apple makes official announcements and how Apple TV+ stacks up to the other streaming services when it finally drops. In this ever-growing realm, not everyone is going to have the results they're hoping for, and there will likely be a couple of losers in the streaming wars. Apple will need to deliver on their intentions to create buzz-worthy, critically acclaimed content in order to thrive. If they have their own version of Roma, the Best Picture contending awards darling, or produce a can't-miss zeitgeist seizing series like a Stranger Things, then they'll be in good shape. Still, compared to the competition they're facing an uphill climb at the outset and hopefully they'll be able to carve out a niche.

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Source: Bloomberg

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