Russia Wins The Space Race In Apple TV+’s For All Mankind Trailer

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Of the upcoming Apple TV+ original series available at launch, For All Mankind looks as though it could be a crossover hit, as the new trailer for the series offers greater detail of its alt-history designs. The space race drama from executive producer Ron D. Moore sees the Battlestar Galactica and Outlander mastermind turn his sights to American history, and how the United States’ identity and collective worldview would have been forever changed had Russia been the first country to successfully land a man on the moon. 

2019 has been a big year for remembering Neil Armstrong and the historic Apollo 11 mission, and that will continue as Apple TV+ presents a radically different version of events that propels the NASA and the U.S. into a different kind of space race, one that that doesn’t stop at the moon. The series takes viewers back to the 1960s, telling a story of scientific ambition, competition, and exploration from the perspective of several astronauts and soon-to-be astronauts. Chief among them is Joel Kinnaman’s Edward Baldwin, who is joined by the likes of Sarah Jones (The Path) and Michael Dorman (Patriot). 

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Though Apple has been promoting the series heavily — almost as heavily as its star-studded The Morning Show — this new trailer offers up more details of what, exactly, the show will be about. And as is seen early on, there is an enormous sense of loss and trepidation felt throughout NASA, when they watch the live broadcast of the Russian moon landing. Wrenn Schmidt’s Margo Madison sums it up when she asks, “Is this really happening?” as a Soviet cosmonaut touches down on the lunar surface. Check out the new For All Mankind trailer below:

The new trailer not only details the series’ alt-history conceit, but it establishes how the U.S.’s failure to land a man on the moon first creates an interesting secondary result, with President Nixon demanding NASA put a woman on the moon. That development introduces Jones’s Tracy Stevens among others, as they become the focal point of a feminist movement that helps change the world. 

Moore’s focus on how this alternate history effects women’s roles in male-dominated professions is certainly a welcome and interesting angle, and it also gives new meaning to the title For All Mankind. With the series available soon, it will interesting to see how it performs compared to the other offerings in Apple’s original content slate. 

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For All Mankind will be available to stream on Apple TV+ beginning Friday, November 1.

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