Apple Has Apparently Been Exaggerating iPhone Battery Life

Apple iPhone Battery Life Report

A new report from United Kingdom-based consumer advocacy group Which? has found that Apple "significantly" exaggerates the expected battery life of specific iPhone models. Apple's iPhone brand has notoriously had battery issues for several years, which has consistently led to questions regarding the veracity of the product's battery life advertisements, which frequently seem to promise more performance than consumers were receiving once the product was purchased.

Apple's iPhone battery life isn't the only thing controversial about its current range of offerings. Its latest iPhone models have famously done away with headphone jacks, creating long-lasting memes about the wealth of those possessing the company's AirPod in-ear buds. Apple has also been making moves on a large-scale perspective, with the company having bought over 20 companies since November, despite analysts only being aware of six of them.  In gaming news, Apple recently announced the existence of the Apple Arcade subscription service, a new digital platform for iOS that would bring mobile gamers over 100 unique titles in exchange for a monthly fee.

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Despite the positivity surrounding many of Apple's latest business decisions, however, the company could find itself fighting to preserve its reputation after a Which? report discovered it had been exaggerating the battery life on its devices. According to the report from Which?, reported by Business Insider, nine different iPhone models were tested, with all of them falling short of Apple's battery life promises by between 18% and 51%. The iPhone XR was the model that strayed furthest from Apple's claims, with the device falling nine hours short of its intended battery life. In response to the report, Apple released the following statement to Business Insider:

"We rigorously test our products and stand behind our battery life claims...Which? haven't shared their methodology with us so we can't compare their results to ours."

Which? is famous for publishing the results of an investigation that recently discovered Amazon is flooded with fake reviews meant to falsify the quality of products being offered there. The company completed its recent study of iPhone battery life while testing more than 50 mobile phones from brands like Samsung, HTC, and Sony in addition to Apple, and the report also found that HTC was guilty of exaggerating its battery life, though not by the same amount. By contrast, Sony and Samsung actually understated their battery life.

It's important to keep in mind that, although Which? is a verifiable source of consumer protection reporting, the company's findings on Apple's iPhones directly contradicts the reviews of several reputable tech websites, including CNET and Tom's Guide. All of those sites rated the iPhone XR's battery life as one of its major selling points. Without the ability to verify the discrepancies in both companies testing processes, it's impossible to determine who is telling the truth regarding battery life, but for now, the report at least seems to corroborate user experience even if reviewers didn't find the same issues with their models.

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Source: Which? (via Business Insider)

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