Why iOS 13 Is So Buggy

Apple needs to address user complaints after what looks like a new memory management bug in iOS 13.2 that aggressively closes background apps.

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More users are complaining about the stability and performance of Apple's iOS 13, and more evidence suggests that one of the most significant problems is the way the latest version of the operating system manages RAM. One of the significant problems in the latest version of iOS is the aggressive closure of any applications running in the background.

Many users complain that leaving one application for a while to use another leads them to a dead end. They find they cannot return to the previous application they were using. In many of those cases, terminating an app also means losing whatever was in it. There is no specific pattern of when and why iOS will shut down an application.

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The problem seems to be related to how iOS 13 manages the available memory according to a report from The Verge, since it occurs mainly when using demanding applications like the camera. Some report they started to notice this behavior right after the latest upgrade to version 13.2. However, it's entirely possible the problem existed in iOS 13 from the very beginning, but it hadn't been noticed until this time.

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With more people writing about it online, it is possible we will see Apple tackle the problem with a new update. However, iOS can never be as trouble-free as its earlier versions simply because each iteration becomes more complex than the last. Its developers are called upon to deal with both the problems that arise because of new features and functions, but also with any that already existed in the past but had not yet been discovered. Over time, these issues pile up and result in the bugs users are experiencing with iOS 13.

With yearly releases of new devices and a stream of release deadlines constantly looming on the horizon and AppleTV+ a major focus as another pursuit, developer time becomes even more precious. They prioritize, since there's not enough time to tackle everything. New features that will make their products stand out have the highest priority. Then comes dealing with any major problems that would make a device unusable. After that, issues with daily use functionality are broken down, and then bugs become a priority - which explains why iOS 13 is struggling so much with minor bugs. Although better than ever, Apple iOS 13.2 has now, in many ways, begun to feel a bit like the last thing its fans would expect: Windows.

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Source: The Verge

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