New 'Apollo 18' Viral Site & 'Scream 4' Official Site

Two horror movie thrillers are launching new websites designed to give moviegoers the right kind of goosebumps that will get them into the theater on opening day.

The found-footage sci-fi/thriller Apollo 18 has launched a new viral site, while Ghostface invades the Web via the official Scream 4 website.

Like most found-footage movies that purport to have documented the strange phenomena of real-life, Apollo 18 is playing up its "authentic" nature with a viral site called "Cerberus Station 9". There are secret government files galore for you conspiracy theorists to decipher - files that will surely reveal more about the absolutely real secret 18th Apollo mission NASA executed back in the '70s (irony alert). Like any good viral site the secret files are time locked, so you'll have to keep on coming back to the site week after week if you want to know more, up to the April 22nd release of Apollo 18.

The flick is being released by Dimension Films, and head honcho Harvey Weinstein is playing up the "authentic" angle to the fullest, as evidenced by his interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“People intrinsically know there are secrets being held from us...Look at WikiLeaks: There are secrets that are really true to the world. It’s not bogus.”

He went on to address the silly assertions that this is somehow a fictional movie:

"We didn’t shoot anything...We found it. Found baby!”

Gotta love Harvey. Anyway, below you'll find an image of the first clue from Cerberus Station 9 - see what (if anything) you can glean from it:



As stated, Apollo 18 hits theaters on April 22, 2011. Check back each week with Cerberus Station 9 for the next clue, or, just re-visit this post... (Something tells me the Screen Rant team is hard at work digging up the rest of those secret files ;-). Stay tuned.)


Scream 4

Ghostface is back and is now going digital with the Scream 4 Official Website. The site itself is pretty standard, featuring the usual incitements of a hi-res version of the Scream 4 full trailer, info about the movie and its cast, downloads like wallpapers and buddy icons, and media like still images and video clips.

The only really standout feature of the site is the "Victims" section, which allows connect your Facebook account to the site. Profile pictures of the people who connect through Facebook appear on the wall of the victims page as "suspects" in the Ghostface killings; when your icon goes red, it means you are the latest "victim" of Ghostface's rampage - but hey, at least you're no longer a suspect, right?

Scream 4 will be in theaters on April 15.

Apollo 18 will be in theaters on April 22nd.

Source: Cerberus Station 9,  Scream 4 Official Website & Entertainment Weekly

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New 'Apollo 18' Viral Site & 'Scream 4' Official Site