Nightcrawler in X-Men Apocalypse

First appearing in X2: X-Men United, Nightcrawler instantly won over fans thanks to a beautifully directed opening scene which sees a brainwashed version of the character attacking the White House. The blue-skinned teleporter later teams up with the X-Men, where he reveals his origins as a circus performer, using

his powers to entertain crowds until running into William Stryker and being used for his mutant experiments.

Ever since Nightcrawler’s original appearance, fans have been clamoring to see the character return, and in X-Men: Apocalypse, Bryan Singer’s found the perfect way to reintroduce him. Apparently, an unintended effect of the altered Days of Future Past timeline has led to Professor X finding Nightcrawler a lot earlier, as he makes up one of the young team of X-Men, and as the movie begins, he’s already established as a good friend of Cyclops, Beast, and the rest of the team.

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