Apex Legends' Wattson Isn't Great - But Here's How You Could Win Using Her

Apex Legends Wattson

Apex Legends' Wattson isn't great, but here's a guide on how to win using the Static Defender. Wattson is a defense-based hero that uses her tactical skill to create barriers that keep bloodthirsty opponents away. Her Ultimate, on the other hand, works to regenerate the team's overall armor and defends them from incoming grenades and ultimate attacks from the likes of Bangalore and Gibraltar. Out in the open, yes, Wattson isn't good compared to some of the other Legends when it comes to open battle and even worse when it comes to players who might just be starting out with the introduction of Apex Legends season 2.

Like every character, though, there is obviously some thought behind her design where, if used correctly, she can actually be a staple in a multitude of team lineups. Wattson is the polar opposite when compared to Gibraltar. He is more efficient in open areas while Wattson excels indoors. If the circle happens to close in on an area where a team can camp, players are nearly guaranteed a victory. When paired with other specific Legends, players can create one of the most unbalanced team compositions in the game.

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Apex Legends' Wattson inspires camping. Whether players think that's a good or bad thing is up to them. Surely, however, the most important thing is winning in a battle royale game, no matter the cost. Wattson excels in areas on Apex Legends' new map, such as Skull Town, Market, Artillery, Containment, and Slum Lakes. There are also the towers that sit along the river that goes through the middle of the map. All of these locations are great to set up her abilities. Wattson can use her Perimeter Security skill to force enemies to move or take different routes. She can place up to 10 of these electric perimeters. Additionally, if the enemy team happens to walk through them on a rare occasion, since they're easily noticeable, they basically become free kills.

Apex Legends Wattson Ultimate Tactical Ultimate Accelerant

Wattson's Ultimate ability, Interception Pylon, comes into play when a team is on lockdown in one location. Enemy teams cannot toss grenades at it and Bangalore and Gibraltar Ultimates are useless. They're left with few options besides charging into a building. Unfortunately, it's essentially on each player to have the skills to take enemy players down at this point. Growing comfortable with each location here is important, as a squad can guard doors and stop enemies from coming in. It's also worth mentioning that Wattson's Ultimate ability doesn't go away; however, it can be shot and destroyed, so be sure to place it in a safe location.

This is all of Wattson's power alone, but it can be enhanced with the right team members. Caustic is widely seen as a weaker character in the community due to his slow movement and lack of options in the heat of battle. When paired with Wattson's skills, though, players will be able to take hold of specific areas using poison traps and Caustic's Ultimate, making it close to impossible for even a skilled player to infiltrate and attack. It might take some time to get the timing and placement down, but if used correctly, Wattson can be one of Apex Legends' most useful characters.

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