One major strength that Fortnite has going for it is the ability to build. Players are able to deconstruct the world around them and gather resources. After gathering wood, metal, and brick, the players are able to use them to build structures around them. This simple mechanic opens up worlds

of possibilities. Players can use their structures to reach new heights, get into otherwise inaccessible areas, and quickly construct cover for themselves.

The building system in Fortnite is easy to pick up while also allowing lots of room for creativity and complexity. Though there are mechanics in Apex Legends that allow the players to move around and interact with the map, there is nothing quite on the level of the building system in Fortnite. Fortnite also allows players to construct traps in clever places, adding an extra sense of interaction and outplay potential. On the flip side, completely destroying the building around you is also satisfying.

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