Apex Legends Vs Fortnite: Which Is Better?

Fortnite has been dominating the gaming world for quite some time. The free to play game exploded in popularity and has continued to be one of the biggest games ever. With new events and constantly gaining new players, it seemed like nothing would be able to slow Fortnite down.

Apex Legends is remarkably similar to Fortnite at first glance. The new shooter is also a free to play Battle Royale game. Apex Legends has also seen the massive explosion in popularity just like Fortnite, and many have started saying that Apex Legends could be the death of Fortnite.

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Though they look similar at first, there are massive differences between the two games, and both will probably cater to different types of players. While Apex Legends may not "kill" Fortnite, it doesn't show any signs of slowing down either and will grow to be an even bigger game than it already is.

With both games offering similar things, but with huge differences, it is hard to tell which one might be the fit for you. Though its hard to make a ruling on which one is definitively better, here are the major strengths and weaknesses of each game and how they stack up to each other.

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8 Building

One major strength that Fortnite has going for it is the ability to build. Players are able to deconstruct the world around them and gather resources. After gathering wood, metal, and brick, the players are able to use them to build structures around them. This simple mechanic opens up worlds of possibilities. Players can use their structures to reach new heights, get into otherwise inaccessible areas, and quickly construct cover for themselves.

The building system in Fortnite is easy to pick up while also allowing lots of room for creativity and complexity. Though there are mechanics in Apex Legends that allow the players to move around and interact with the map, there is nothing quite on the level of the building system in Fortnite. Fortnite also allows players to construct traps in clever places, adding an extra sense of interaction and outplay potential. On the flip side, completely destroying the building around you is also satisfying.

7 Characters

While it is certainly not a completely new thing to add to a video game, Apex Legends is the first major Battle Royale game to add different characters with different abilities. Overwatch is a great example of how having characters with unique abilities can make a shooting game extremely fun while also adding layers of complexity. Apex Legends allows you to pick your role and synergize with teammates.

While following the example of games like Overwatch, Apex Legends throws that extra bit of strategy that can make a game more challenging. With Fortnite you are loaded in as a generic shooter, while Apex Legends provides you the opportunity to be a unique colorful character. While it may not seem like the largest difference, the different abilities completely change the way that the game is played.

6 First Person Vs Third

Another of the most obvious differences between Apex Legends and Fortnite is the perspective. Fortnite is played from the third person, which means that you can see your character. It allows for a wider range of vision, and suits the play style of Fortnite, where you constantly need to be constructing things all around you. Apex Legends is played from the traditional first person.

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The first person is usually the choice for shooters, because it gives a much greater feeling of precision and accuracy. First person definitely serves better for the main point of the game, which is shooting other players. While the third person view is needed for Fortnite, the traditional first person will feel much better to those used to shooting games.

5 Weapons

Apex Legends Havoc

A major advantage for Apex Legends is the weapons system. Both Fortnite and Apex Legends revolve around finding and picking up the best weapons on the map and using them to your advantage. Apex Legends takes this one step further by having you pick up attachments and customizations for your weapon as well.

You are able to upgrade and customize your weapon on the fly, adapting it for exactly what you need. Fortnite has attachments that are already on the weapon, and has much less customization. Fortnite's weapons are also very generic, like shotguns and pistols. Apex Legends has much more unique and interesting weapons to use on the battlefield.

4 Mobility

Fortnite Hamster Ball

While Fortnite has introduced vehicles in the game to make traversing the map easier, the vehicles have been met with criticism. There are some cool ideas, like the hamster ball that will be appearing soon, but ultimately the vehicles give a huge advantage that many have deemed unfair.

Apex Legends feels much more fluid in the way that you can move across the map, utilizing zip-lines and having no falling damage.

3 Team Strategy

Apex Legends Ping Feature

While Fortnite definitely has a major aspect of teamwork to it, there is also the option to play by yourself. Apex Legends has a much larger focus on teamwork, and pairs you with a squad before going into the game. This focus on teamwork means that the team strategy of Apex Legends definitely has the edge.

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With different characters you can pick the perfect team composition to dominate, and the tools to communicate, like the ping system, are much more efficient.

2 Events

While Apex Legends is very new and has time to catch up, it will be difficult to match the events and special games of Fortnite. Fortnite has done a fantastic job of keeping things interesting and feeling fresh by having special events and new game modes.

One memorable example of this was when Thanos was introduced to the game for a limited time. It is a great way of bringing new players to the game while keeping things interesting for veterans.

1 Traditional Vs Accessible

Apex Legends Four Times Faster Fortnite

Ultimately the difference between the games boils down to what kind of player you are. Apex Legends is much more of a traditional shooter, with the first person view and superior mechanics. Apex Legends will reward those who are used to gaming by giving them more options to show their skill and playing like what they are used to.

The greatest strength of Fortnite and why it has become so unbelievably popular is because it is very accessible. Anyone can pick up Fortnite and learn the basics quickly, and with special events and new twists, it will keep those new players hooked.

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