Apex Legends: 20 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting

Apex Legends has the potential to become the next Fortnite, and rob this game of its crown in the Battle Royale genre. It just needs to be clearer.

Apex Legends is the new battle royale game that everyone's been talking about. It didn't take long for people to realize that this free to play multiplayer shooter was a seriously awesome experience, and more people are checking it out with each passing day. It might be too early yet, but many people think that this game has the potential to become the next Fortnite, and rob this game of its crown in the Battle Royale genre. There's a lot of things that this game does slightly differently. First of all, it's class-based, and it also revolves around team play more than anything. It has a slightly futuristic, science fiction vibe to it, and the art style is actually really cool.

But this game mostly shines because of one simple factor - it has amazing gameplay. This game is fast-paced, fun, and challenging. To get good at this game, you need to employ tons of different tactics and technical skills. Each class has its own unique benefits, and working well with your team is essential. On the one hand, Apex Legends is a pretty simple shooting game. But the more you dive into this title, the most subtle details and complexities you discover.

20 You Move Way Faster With Your Weapon Holstered

Moving fast in Apex Legends is so important that players are quickly figuring out ways to move even just a little bit speedier than normal. It didn't take long for players to figure out that when you holster your weapon, movement speed goes up a little bit. Even though this increase might be pretty small, it still matters.

This game relies so heavily on speed that even a small boost is a big deal. Most players nowadays will tell you that unless you're shooting, you should holster your weapon. Players often find themselves sprinting towards the next objective, and moving fast is key to success. It's just another way to boost your speed, and you should take advantage of this trick.

19 The Game Isn't Really Built For Long Range Engagements

While sniping from afar might be a viable tactic in other similar games, Apex Legends is all about close quarters conflict. At the very most, you'll have success from medium range. If you're hoping to snipe players from clifftops and balconies, you're going to be disappointed with this game. It quickly becomes obvious that this game was not designed with long-range firefights in mind.

It's an unreliable tactic for a number of reasons. First of all, this game is incredibly fast. Players zip and dash around the map at all times. They're hard enough to hit at medium ranges. But when you're looking down a scope at these players from a far distance, it's incredibly hard to "lock on" to the enemy. There's also bullet drop in this game, which means you have to aim way higher at long distances, and lead your targets when they're moving.

18 Kicking Is Faster, But Punches Lock On To Enemies

A game which is so heavily reliant on close quarters combat is obviously going to have some seriously cool melee attacks, and Apex Legends is no different. When you find an enemy standing right in front of you, the best tactic is often melee. There are two types of melee in this game, kicking and punching. They both work in slightly different ways, and there's some strategy as to which one you choose.

Kicking is actually faster than punching, but it can be a little wild and hard to control. Punching is a little slower, but it has the added benefit of locking on to targets. Which one you choose is up to you, and certain melee attacks might work better in different situations. Some players end up preferring one over the other.

17 Head-shots Are Seriously Hard To Pull Off

We previously mentioned the fact that sniping is seriously hard in this game. Players move very quickly, and just hitting the target is hard enough. For these same reasons, head-shots are also very difficult to pull off in Apex Legends. In fact, these shots are so difficult that a lot of professional players choose to simply aim for the chest and body instead.

You're much more likely to hit something this way. And if you're smart, you'll aim for the upper chest, which means you still have a slight chance of hitting someone in the head if they move in a certain way. Sure, there might be veterans out there who can pull off head-shots with certain weapons. But the main priority in this game is simply hitting the target, which is definitely hard when everyone's moving so fast.

16 Never Stay Still

This is something that is important in pretty much all multiplayer shooting games. Staying still is a disaster waiting to happen. If you want to survive, you need to constantly be on the move. You never know who's coming up behind you, and you can never be sure if someone's got you in their sights. Constantly moving is even more important when you're playing a game like Apex Legends, where speed is a huge focus.

When you're looting or switching out weapons, it's important to keep moving. Even when it feels like you need to stand still to do something, there's usually a way to move around slightly from side to side, which makes it harder for you to be hit by an enemy. This is a tactic used by Fortnite players and PUBG players, who "wiggle" from side to side anytime they find themselves stationary.

15 There's No Fall Damage

In case you weren't aware, Apex Legends has absolutely no fall damage. It doesn't matter how high you are, or how low your health is when falling— you'll never get hurt from falling alone. This is an important thing to know, because it leaves the door open for all kinds of new and interesting tactics. With this game, you can jump off a huge cliff, all the way down to an enemy position and surprise them.

You can also take a zip-line and choose to jump off— even if you're at a huge height. Generally speaking, running and jumping are huge factors in this game, so it makes sense that the game places almost no limits on your gameplay in this regard. It's a fun addition to the game - as long as you're actually aware of it.

14 Footsteps Are Actually Very Quiet In Apex Legends

In previous Battle Royale games, it was always pretty easy to hear enemies sneaking up on you. Whether you were playing PUBG or Fortnite, smart players always listened carefully to that characteristic pitter patter of footsteps approaching behind a closed door or a wall. Certain PUBG players even chose to remove their shoes in hopes of quieting their footsteps. But in Apex Legends, it's much harder to hear enemy footsteps. In certain situations, enemies can be pretty much imperceptible.

Enemies are very quiet even when landing from huge jumps, or when sliding. Obviously, wearing a headset will really help you hear this little audio cues, but even then, it's very easy for enemies to surprise you without you hearing a thing.

13 Climbing Up Walls And Buildings Is Easier Than You Think

After playing Apex Legends for a few hours, you quickly learn that this game is all about mobility, climbing, and quickly moving through whatever terrain and obstacles stand in your way. Often, the players that can move quickly through a town or large building are the ones who succeed. Sneaking around, taking alternate routes, and surprising your enemies is the name of the game.

And in many cases, it's much easier to climb up buildings than you think. With certain techniques, you can actually run short distances up walls, which often enables you to grab ledges and work your way up a building that looked unclimbable. You can also use other familiar tactics, such as jumping on an open door to give you a ledge to step on.

12 You Can Slide Down Hills Indefinitely

Play five minute of Apex Legends, and you'll quickly learn that sliding is key. Combat is fast and high octane in this game, and if you don't slide, you won't make it very far. Sliding is great because you do literally anything while sliding. You can heal, reload and shoot all while sliding. Doing all of these complex actions might take a little bit of practice, but the veterans all know how to slide with style.

However, one of the little known facts about this game is that you can actually slide indefinitely while moving down a hill or a slope of any kind. What this means is that you can just keep sliding down a hill without stopping, all the way to the end. Smart players can use this to their advantage, as sliding is much faster than running.

11 There's A Distinct Sound When An Enemy's Shield "Shatters"

The sound design in this game is spectacular. Many players insist that you need to play the game with headphones, as you can easily tell what's happening around you. You'll be able to hear footsteps and other audio cues, but perhaps the most important noise you'll ever hear in this game is a shattering sound.

When you hear this distinct sound, you know that someone's shield has been depleted. Once an enemy's shield is gone, they're extremely vulnerable. So listen hard for this sound, because when you hear it, it's time to strike. Coordinate with your team and let them know when you hear someone's shield shatter, and you'll really succeed. It's just one of many sounds to listen for.

10 You Can Smash Through Doors With Melee Or A Grenade

Just like other Battle Royale type games, you'll often find players holed up in buildings, trying to camp and snipe people from a fortified position. Breaking through the doors to buildings can be tricky, especially when players are actively making sure you can't get through. But veteran players know that you can actually break through doors using a melee attack.

Kick the door down, and you'll quickly burst through and surprise whoever's on the other end. You might also choose to use a grenade, and this can be a very effective tactic in storming a building. Siege tactics are actually a pretty big part of this game, so make sure you know how to deal with teams who are taking cover in a building.

9 Wave-Dropping Is The Best Way To Reach The Battlefield

Getting to the battlefield first is always a good tactic. Veterans of games like PUBG and Fortnite already know that there are specialized tactics when it comes to hitting the ground first, and getting first dibs on all the nearby loot. Getting to the ground first also means you can coordinate with your team and get set up before the enemies land.

But what's the best dropping technique in Apex Legends? As it turns out, there's actually a specialized technique in this game that players have dubbed "wave dropping." It works like this: If you fall straight to the ground on an angle, you end up losing valuable seconds. If you're trying to fly across the map over a large distance before touching down, you're best bet is to head straight down until reaching a speed of 145, then glide to slow yourself down, then drop once more before gliding again and making a final drop to the final location. This is the fastest way to move across the map while flying.

8 Give The Ultimate Accelerants To The Lifeline Character

Finding an ultimate accelerant is a big deal in Apex Legends. Many people consider it to be one of the most valuable items in the whole game, and it can seriously turn the tide of any battle. What it does is pretty self-explanatory. It accelerates the speed at which your ultimate ability refreshes. While it might be tempting to give this item to a heavy, hard-hitting character, the best choice is actually the Lifeline class.

This class is considered the "healer" of the group, and their ability involves calling in supply drops filled with awesome defensive equipment. Giving the ultimate accelerant to hear means more supply drops, and a greater benefit to the overall team. Tactically, this is the best way to use your ultimate accelerant.

7 There's A Supply Ship You Can Land On In The Air

But when you're trying to decide where to drop, you might want to check out the supply ship. This area is actually in the air, and it's slightly hidden for new players. Landing on it can result in tons of awesome loot, but it's also a popular place to drop for veteran players. In some games, huge numbers of players drop on the supply ship, so it could be a dangerous place to land.

6 Spread Out When Dropping

Sticking with your team is an important tactic in Apex Legends. If you get isolated from your team, you won't last very long. But while working alongside your team is important, it's also not helpful to be joined at the hip. If your team huddles together in a tight group, you'll be an easy target for smart players who can take you all down at once. The best teams know how to spread out but keep within operational distance of each other.

This tactic is most important when dropping. It's tempting to drop down in a tight formation, touching down within a few feet of each other. But enemies might be waiting down there for you to land. To reduce the chances of the whole team being taken out upon falling, it's important to spread out a little. You'll also be able to loot nearby areas much more efficiently.

5 Loot Towns Before Heading To A Fight

Speaking of looting, this is an important mechanic in Apex Legends. Honestly, this is a no-brainer for all Battle Royale games, as looting is the only way to get good items and weapons early in the game. It can be tempting to pursue an aggressive tactic, heading straight for the nearest battle right after dropping.

But preparation is key in this game. Before heading to any major engagement, you should always loot nearby towns and get well-equipped as an entire team. Once again, this is a common tactic in all Battle Royale games. But many people who are picking up Apex Legends for the first time might not have experience with this genre, so it's an interesting tidbit of knowledge worth pointing out.

4 Slide-Jumping Is Great In Combat

Sliding is a very useful too in Apex Legends, but slide jumping takes it one step further. In many other shooting games, players tend to jump up and down while being shot - otherwise known as "bunny hopping." This was a particularly popular tactic in Fortnite. But now with Apex Legends, that same tactic is pretty ineffective. Moving while jumping is just way too slow.

If you really want to get that same benefit of being hard to hit, you should try slide jumping in combat instead. This is much faster, and skilled players are able to slide, jump, and continue shooting all in a series of fluid movements. In fact, you can link together several fast-paced movements, such as wall climbing, sliding, jumping and shooting. This makes you extremely hard to hit.

3 Pathfinder Can Use His Grappling Hook On Enemies

Pathfinder is one of the most popular classes around, mostly due to his many interesting abilities. He's actually a robot and a forward scout, designed by some unknown entity who the Pathfinder is trying to track down. His best abilities revolve around his grappling gun and his zip line abilities— both involving wire and cables being shot around the battlefield.

When players are just starting out with the Pathfinder class, they might not be aware that you can actually use the grappling hook on enemies, and not just as a means to climb buildings and structures. Simply shoot an enemy with the grappling gun, and you'll immediately close the distance with them, giving you a huge advantage.

2 Communication And Teamwork Is Key In Apex Legends

More than most games in the Battle Royale GenreApex Legends is all about teamwork. Using your mic and communicating with your team is pretty much essential in this game. Coordinating and coming up with tactics is really the only way to win here, and you should really help out with your team whenever you can. Becoming a "lone wolf" and leaving your team to fend for itself is never a good tactic.

Ideally, you should be talking with your teammates and targeting specific players on enemy teams. Take them down one player at a time. When you concentrate your efforts onto one person, you can quickly whittle down an enemy team and take them out with ease. Playing with your friends is a great tactic here, because you'll all be on the same page.

1 Use The R1 Button To Ping Locations And Objects

If you're not into communicating with a mic, there are other ways to get information from the map and your teammates. One of the best features in this game is the Ping system. This allows you to basically point at anything in the game, hit R1, and it'll immediately become marked for your entire team to see. Maybe you spotted an enemy and you want your teammates to know where they're hiding. Maybe you've spotted a great weapon that you want a teammate to have. You can do a lot with this ping system.

You can simply hit the R1 button once for a location marker, which basically means "let's go here." Or you can quickly double-tap the button for an enemy marker. But if you hold down the R1 button, you'll get tons of different options. These range from "loot this area" to "defend this area" or even "someone's been here." It's a great feature.

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