New Apex Legends Leak Could Confirm Titans, Other Titanfall Characters

According to the latest rumor in a flood of reported leaks and community speculation, developer Respawn Entertainment may be adding the Titanfall series' titular Titans to Apex Legends, the team's sensational battle royale spinoff. Apex Legends is in its second month since release, and an initial trickle of rumors has quickly surged into a deluge of conjecture as the game's massive community has grown increasingly impatient for the game's first major content update. If it's to be believed, though, this latest leak may prove that the wait has been worth it.

While it's hard to imagine how Titanfall's hulking Titans would factor into Apex Legends' infantry-based gameplay, their inclusion lies within the realm of possibility. Although most Apex Legends players are likely unaware of it, the popular battle royale exists entirely within the Titanfall universe. Set after the events of Titanfall 2, which saw the underdog Frontier Militia emerge victorious over the draconian IMC, Apex Legends focuses on the resulting Apex Games - a vicious bloodsport fought in the lawless sector of the Frontier, known as the Outlands. With this direct continuity in mind, it would make complete sense if Titans (or really anything from the Titanfall universe) somehow find their way into these unruly Apex Games.

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New information published by Gaming INTEL is delivering an ounce of hope to players that want more Titanfall stuff to crop up in Apex Legends, with leaking footage from a supposed unreleased build of the game featuring voice lines that reference numerous gameplay elements that could possibly make their global debut sometime in the future. Check out the video below to hear a number of Pathfinder voice lines, which mention not only Titans, but also Spectres (robot infantry fodder), Stalkers (beefed-up Spectres), Reapers (unmanned miniature Titans), and a potentially all-new enemy class called the "infected."

While it can be difficult to refrain from immediately dissecting these voice lines and theorizing about them with wild abandon, it's important to remember that this information is currently only a rumor and could very well be cutting room floor chaff from dropped or reworked content - especially considering the fact that Apex Legends likely contains the partial skeleton of what could have been Titanfall 3. In a recent response to palpable community anticipation for Apex Legends Season 1 and the introduction of the game's first Battle Pass, Respawn Community Manager Jay Frechette took to the game's subreddit to disclose that the content update isn't dropping quite yet and, most importantly, to remind players that datamined code (the source of this rumor and most others) "should not [be treated] as a source of truth."

Whether there's any truth to this alleged leak or not, it's clear that Apex Legends can whip its immense player base into a frenzy without doing anything beyond being an exceptional team-based shooter. Clearly, players are chomping at the bit for any sliver of news they can get their hands on, and it understandably raises their hopes and unrealistic expectations all the more when the name "Titanfall" is thrown into the mix. Having promised to release Apex Legends' first season and Battle Pass sometime in March - with the industry standard March 20 looking more and more likely with each passing day - Respawn is so far doing an exemplary job of straddling the fine line between intrigue and outrage with its release schedule and community management, but maybe they ought to give some of these potentially bogus concepts some thoughtful reconsideration.

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Sources: Gaming INTEL, Respawn/Reddit

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