Apex Legends Guide: The Best Tips & Tricks For Playing & Winning

Best Apex Legends Characters To Use

As of this writing, there are a total of eight characters (AKA Legends) in Apex Legends to choose from: Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wraith, Bangalore, and the two unlockable Legends Caustic and Mirage. Each of these characters act as different classes with vastly different abilities, which means that players will have to test out each one to see what suits their style of play the best.

  • Bloodhound - A perfect character for anyone that likes tracking opponents before ambushing them, Bloodhound is a great option for the more devious of players.
  • Gibraltar - Designed to act as a protector, Gibraltar's Gun Shield and Dome of Protection abilities can be clutch in a dangerous situation.
  • Lifeline - Every team needs a healer and Lifeline scratches that itch this time around. Her D.O.C. Heal Drone is perfect for revitalizing team members while keeping them in the action.
  • Pathfinder - Ideal for scouting ahead, Pathfinder is equipped with a grappling hook to climb up cliffs in order to survey the situation ahead. His Zipline Gun is also great for getting teammates out of a sticky situation.
  • Wraith - Jumping between dimensions makes Wraith one of the trickiest opponents to go up against. She is also able to open up rifts for her teammates, but be careful as other players can go through them as well.
  • Bangalore - As a tried and true soldier class, Bangalore is equipped with a number of abilities that first-person shooter fans will be familiar with. Anyone looking for some familiarity in Apex Legends will find familiarity with this character.
  • Caustic - This Legend is all about baiting characters into a trap and killing them with toxic gas. Caustic is also a good defensive character for those that are trying to put some space between them and their attackers.
  • Mirage - As a jester of deception, Mirage is designed to dupe hostile players. His cloaking abilities and hologram maneuvers will leave players very confused – provided that these moves are executed properly.

Best Places To Land In Apex Legends

Picking where to drop in Apex Legends can be a challenge with two other teammates tagging along. It can also be challenging when there's one Jumpmaster ultimately deciding where players will land. Since separating from the group is often a poor decision, convincing others where to drop in order to find the best loot stands out as a good one. There are a number of locales worth exploring for anyone eager to win, but scouting out where teams are dropping and avoiding conflict is an equally strong strategy.

  • Common Loot Havens - Anyone eager to get decked out in the best gear may want to visit Airbase, Bunker, or Pit upon jumping into a game. Pit in particular has a number of boxes that players can crack open, but they'll be very exposed while they harvest all of that precious gear.
  • Quieter Loot-Filled Locales - The above places are often swarming with hostiles, and if that's the case then Cascades or Hydro Dam are better suited for players look to avoid a firefight.
  • No Traffic Zones - Competitive fans may be agitated to hear this, but sometimes securing victory is as easy as hiding until the very end. Pay very close attention to the location that each enemy team is dropping. If the frequently loot-heavy areas are all claimed, players should head as far away from everyone else as humanly possible. There will still be loot to find once they land and from that point it's just a matter of waiting out the clock and grinding for gear

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Apex Legends is currently available across Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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