Apex Legends Guide: The Best Tips & Tricks For Playing & Winning

Gamers hoping to become the best at Apex Legends are going to need to know tips and tricks that'll help them win. Respawn Entertainment's first foray into the battle royale genre is something very unique from other shooters, though.

This is all thanks to its setting within the Titanfall series, diverse and unique characters/classes, and unique three-member teams. Admittedly, there's a lot to learn here, but gamers eager to master the Apex can take a few tips into battle with them.

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Learning how to best utilize character abilities, reading other teams to determine where to drop at the beginning of a match, and which gear to scavenge for during a round are all vital to winning in Apex Legends. There's a lot to commit to memory, but anyone looking to step up their game in Apex Legends needn't look any further than this guide from Screen Rant.

Apex Legends Gameplay Tips

Learning some tricks of the trade are essential if you're planning to be part of the last team standing in Apex Legends. As much as previous games within the battle royale genre may have trained players previously, this isn't a single-player game. In order to win, teams are going to have to stick together, but even that isn't enough for Legends to secure a victory every time.

  • Stick Together - There's no need to act like a hero. If a player goes off on their own then they'll be easy pickings for teams that are actively working together.
  • Slide (A Lot!) - One of the best ways to quickly traverse an area is to slide (using crouch) down hills - as sliding on a descent is limitless... and super fast - or across an area. It can be key to winning a firefight and the match itself.
  • Use the Tagging System - Apex Legends has one of the best non-verbal forms of communication in gaming today with its tagging system. Calling out the location of extra weapons and armor, tagging nearby enemies, and marking ideal drop locations are all possible with this tool. Put it to use!
  • Use Pathfinder To Locate The Next Circle - Pathfinder is one of the most useful characters in Apex Legends, and he has the ability to interlink with a comm tower (found across the map) in order to locate the next circle, after the current one closes in.
  • Utilize the Revive Ability - If a friend gets put put to pasture by an enemy, it's possible for a teammate to pick up the deceased user's banner and revive them at a respawn station. Be ready to equip them though, as they'll rejoin the fight without a single weapon.
  • Save The Peacekeeper For The Last Round - The Peacekeeper shotgun is rather useless early on in the match (though it can be charged for a stronger shot), but in the final circle, it can be quite deadly.
  • Grab Everything And Share Everything Else - What's meant by this tip is that it's important to grab whatever is available as quickly as possible. There's not telling which other players may be around the corner and it's better to be safe than sorry. Of course, a player's survival is usually contingent on their team surviving as well, so any gear that's unneeded should be shared with the group.
  • Switch Armor Instead Of Healing - When in a firefight, it's better to swap out the armor for another set rather than try to heal - particular using the shield batteries - in the middle of a battle.
  • Land Faster - Instead of just aiming up or down while jet-packing - either from dropping out of the ship at the beginning or using one of the balloon points - be sure to swoop down-and-up in order to increase speed. It's not necessarily about distance in Apex Legends, but rather getting to whichever location first.

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