EA Play: Everything Coming to Apex Legends in Season 2

Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge Splash


At EA Play 2019, Respawn Entertainment announced that Season 2 is kicking off in Apex Legends with a bang. When it arrives later this summer, it will bring a new Legend with shocking abilities, a new weapon with which to blow away foes, a new and improved Battle Pass, and more.

Apex Legends Season 2, called Battle Charge, seems to have first and foremost been designed to respond to players' warranted complaints about the scarce and lackluster content offered in Season 1, and it seems well-equipped to turn the tides for the shrinking game. A new Legend has been long anticipated and pretty wildly speculated on among the Apex Legends community, and Respawn took to the EA Play stage to confirm and shatter a lot of rumors about the new playable character. On top of the game's first-ever ranked mode, a new weapon and legendary skins for Legends and weapons were also revealed and teased, in addition to new hop-ups and tweaks to weapon balance.

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Apex Legends: New Legend, Weapon, and More

Apex Legends' tenth Legend will be Wattson, a brilliant engineer whose support-focused abilities allow her to control the pace of battles with electric fences and a projectile-blocking ultimate. Announced in an all-new animated trailer, Wattson was raised in King's Canyon and helped her father design the Apex Legends arena, and her inclusion in the game will figuratively and literally change the face of the battlefield. Beyond Wattson's electrifying announcement, Respawn revealed that the powerful L-Star LMG from Titanfall 2 will be coming to Apex as a care package weapon, and they also gave players a taste of Battle Charge's overhauled Battle Pass new legendary skins for Caustic, Wraith, and a number of weapons.

A hard-and-fast playstyle that rewards aggression and speed above all else has long been the dominant strategy in Apex Legends, but the launch of Wattson may change that. Able to place up to twelve electrified pylons that form fences in configurations of players' choosing, Wattson's tactical ability can injure and automatically ping enemies while shutting down existing lanes and demanding on-the-fly strategic changes. Her ultimate ability lets her place a so-called interception pylon, which functions near-identically to the real-world projectile-destroying Trophy system, and Respawn seems confident that Wattson's ultimate will help to reduce dreaded Arc Star spam. Best of all, Wattson's passive ability makes Ultimate Accelerant instantly and completely restore her ultimate, meaning that Lifeline players won't necessarily be the go-to for the currently niche consumable for much longer.

Apex Legends: Big Things Are Coming

Apex Legends Giant Monster

At the end of Respawn's EA Play recap, players were teased with something huge (literally). Fans of the Titanfall franchise have long been calling on the developer to bring the series' trademark wild alien goliaths to the battle royale spin-off, and they've long been teased with two hulking Leviathans off the coast of of King's Canyon since the game's launch. Now, it seems they're getting what they've asked for, as the fast-paced recap trailer briefly gave audiences a glimpse of Bloodhound soaring beside what look like Titanfall Flyers and the eye of a massive reptilian monster. Respawn community manager Jay Frechette brushed this massive reveal off by saying only, "Perhaps a couple of big things are coming into Kings Canyon coming into Season 2," words that may be end up being the understatement of E3 2019.

Big things certainly are coming to Apex Legends this summer, but the question of how big those things will be remains unanswered for now. Players can find out firsthand when Season 2 launches on July 2, 2019.

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