Apex Legends' Revenue Is Down Drastically For Second Month In A Row

Apex Legends Revenue Down Second Month

Apex Legends has begun a precipitous fall from grace over the past few months, according to a new report that confirms its financial earnings have dipped drastically in back-to-back months. Concerns over the viability of long-term Apex Legends support have been cropping up ever since popular Twitch streamer Shroud declared he felt the game wasn't very good anymore, suggesting that he would much rather play PUBG or other battle royale titles.

Things began piling on from that point: Shroud's concerns gave fans who were antsy over the game's lack of content updates more confidence that they weren't alone in their assessment, creating a vocal contingent in the Apex Legends playerbase that has demanded more frequent and meaningful additions to the title ever since. Another major streaming personality, Dr. Disrespect, referred to Apex Legends as a beta build of an unfinished game, suggesting that he'd be captivated by some of the elements he liked provided it felt more like a full title in the future.

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None of that would matter, of course, provided Apex Legends maintained a consistently appealing bottomline for publisher EA and developer Respawn Entertainment. A new report suggests that, while the game's numbers still appear to be good, the Apex Legends star is fading fast—the game generated only $24 million in April 2019 according to SuperData Research. That figure is still impressive out of context, but compared to the game's initial figures, April represented a quarter of what the game made during February, its launch month.

Apex Legends Season 2 Reveal E3

Obviously, a drop off was expected after the game's gaudy first month figures put it on pace to outgrow Fortnite by a wide margin. Those numbers simply aren't sustainable in a genre filled with quality competition. The issue stems from the drop-off being so pronounced and so quick, something that suggests Apex Legends is in desperate need of a shake-up sooner rather than later. Luckily for fans, that could be coming very soon, as Apex Legends Season 2 is slated to get during E3 2019 week this year.

There's also the addition of Apex Legends mobile to look forward to, something that could quite easily persuade many of the fans who lost interest in Respawn's battle royale title to give it another shot. The move to mobile is what launched Fortnite into its ubiquity as the most popular battle royale game on the market, and the additional platforms could do the same for Apex Legends. One thing remains certain, though—something needs to change for Apex Legends, and it needs to happen quickly.

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Source: SuperData Research

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