Apex Legends PS Plus Players Receive Free Pack of Cosmetic Items

Like a light early Christmas, Apex Legends players on PlayStation 4 have a free pack of exclusive goodies sitting under the tree. Respawn is giving away a small bundle of skins dubbed the PlayStation Plus Play Pack. This marks the second instance of this bundle with the first being offered back in February. 

The surprise drop of content comes at the heels of larger shake-ups hitting the popular battle royale as of late. Apex Legends will soon find a new home on mobile where rival Fortnite has achieved massive success. Respawn’s been fighting to maintain the game’s competitive balance by implementing vigorous anti-cheat efforts. Half of the offending players have been snapped away, and piggyback players have entered the ban hammer’s reach. Those who have stuck around have E3 to look forward to when the game’s second season will debut during EA Play. Despite this, Apex has seen a gradual decline in player enthusiasm.

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Per VG24/7, the PlayStation Plus Play Pack pack bundles two skins and two banners for Lifeline and Mirage. It also gives away two weapon skins for the Eva-8 and R-99. All four skins sport a similar purple hue with hexagonal patterns. The Play Pack can’t be redeemed in-game, nor is there any notification of its existence. Rather, you’ll need to visit the PlayStation Store and find it either in the Apex Legends game hub or in the PS Plus tab. That latter location is due to the Pack only being offered to PS Plus subscribers, a membership that isn't required to play the game. 

Though a small gesture, the move could have been done to address content concerns. Players, particularly those who also play Fortnite, have criticized Apex Legends for lacking the rapid stream of updates that Epic’s battle royale regularly sees. The content of the game’s first season has been viewed as underwhelming and there hasn’t been much to hit the shooter since. Respawn has gone on record to say that they’ve actively avoided Fortnite’s crippling fast pace to avoid employee burnout.

This move can be filed under “sure, why not?” They pack a neat little gesture and, even if the skins aren’t your cup of tea, free stuff is never a bad thing. Such a move might help lure back players now that Apex Legends’ novelty has faded a bit. Though, if this was done to silence a few critics, one would have to wonder why similar free gifts aren’t being offered on Xbox and PC as well.

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Source: VG24/7

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