Apex Legends Players Really Want Ankle Biting Mechanic

Apex Legends Ankle Biting

Forget what you know about the latest Apex Legends Battle Pass. It's clear that fans of EA's latest Battle Royale are thinking solely of just one thing, and it's definitely not the upcoming content. According to members of the community, what they really want is for Apex Legends ankle biting to be a thing.

This activity has taken on a life of its own over the past day, as a throwaway comment in the Apex Legends Reddit spiraled out of control and into a popular thread spanning almost a thousand comments from players and EA fans expressing their wish for Apex Legends ankle biting.

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The sentiment first started making the rounds on the Apex Legends Reddit a day ago, after a frustrated user expressed that they wanted to "bite people's ankles for like, 5 damage while we're down if they get too close." Reddit user DivineRefined was the guilty party observing this, and it looks like there's a wealth of untapped Apex Legends ankle biting just lying dormant within the community.

Other Reddit users have also been weighing in on the issue, with user Alexius339 wishing that Apex Legends would "allow proximity voice" so that players could growl at the unfortunate opponents that they were biting the ankles of. While the subreddit doesn't usually allow joke posts like this, the community has clearly embraced Apex Legends ankle biting as the next hot trend, and it doesn't look like that's going to change any time soon. The idea of ankle biting being a defensive mechanic is amusing to say the least, and the thought of a bunch of players lying down on the ground and nipping at each others' heels could make for some truly hilarious footage.

With the launch of the Apex Legends Battle Pass feeling like it's not going to be too far away, there's likely going to be an influx of new players as the content hits. More players just means more ankles to bite, which in itself is going to add another layer of strategy to the existing gameplay of Apex Legends, which is arguably complex enough as it is even without the of Octane. As to whether EA will take the community's suggestions to heart remains to be seen, but it could be yet another distinguishing factor that sets it aside from Fortnite.

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Source: Reddit

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