Apex Legends' Octane References Titanfall 2 Speedrunner

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The latest Apex Legends hero, Octane, was launched to great enthusiasm a few days ago. With plenty of interest aimed at Octane and his tongue-in-cheek origins, it's now been uncovered that there's an Apex Legends Octane Titanfall link: the character's design and concept are actually in reference to a well-known Titanfall 2 speedrunner.

Cash Mayo, a well-known Titanfall 2 speedrunner, currently holds the world record for the quickest clear of a map known as The Gauntlet in the game and has footage of it up on YouTube. Where this Apex Legends Octane Titanfall connection starts to come together is with the fact that Respawn Entertainment embedded a link to Cash Mayo's Gauntlet speedrun in the introductory video for Octane. However, it doesn't stop there.

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Polygon has now reported on Octane and confirmed that "the inspiration for the character's backstory came from the Titanfall 2 speedrunning community." The Apex Legends Octane Titanfall connection is solidified by the fact that Cash Mayo's speedrun through The Gauntlet involved blasting himself along with frag grenades: this representation is almost word for word the origin story for Octane that was provided by Respawn Entertainment, right down to the activity that Octane was partaking in when he lost his legs.


From the look of things, Respawn Entertainment's choice to not only reference well-known work by Titanfall fans in the creation of this new character but also giving said fan public recognition is a pretty cool move on the part of the developer. The Apex Legend Octane Titanfall connection went deeper than a lot of people originally thought: it went beyond the concept of the character into his origin story and his design. The inclusion of a link to Cash Mayo's original footage was also a nice touch on the part of the company.

Things like that can go a long way towards engendering the goodwill of fans in products and considering the performance of Apex Legends recently and its early growth compared to Fortnite, Respawn Entertainment is definitely doing something right. If the company can continue to engage fans of the game with innovative character design and to continue to engage the community by ensuring that players feel listened to and appreciated in unique ways, then there's no reason why Apex Legends' star should stop rising.

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Source: Polygon

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