The Start of Every Apex Legends Match Is Basically This

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One Apex Legends player has posted a hilarious video that shows how pretty much every match of the battle royale brawler starts. As Respawn Entertainment's title soars up the gaming charts, players have noticed an annoying problem when they drop into battle.

Instead of working on another Titanfall game, Respawn Entertainment decided to cash in on the hype of battle royale games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Putting a twist on the classic last player standing formula, Apex Legends assigns gamers into squads of three to be the top team. Unfortunately, playing with random teammates can lead to some selfish gameplay.

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Posting on Twitter, Apex Legends fan Rory Powers' video shows how a typical match starts. As players and their squad head into the battlefield and scramble for weapons, it usually involves one person hoarding everything they can find while their teammates are left with lame options and limited ammo. Rory's video shows him shouting "where's the guns?" as he grabs everything from an N64 controller to a ninja star, a guitar to a cuddly toy.

The video has clearly struck a chord with Apex Legends fans. At the time of writing, Rory's tweet has been liked 163k times, retweeted 63k times, and received 3.1k comments. One player pointed out that they refuse to revive someone who drops into battle and immediately steals all the weapons and ammo. Another reveals that this happened to them and they were left with a pistol, only to be killed less than a minute later. Someone also suggested, "Apex squadmates - open your own containers and death crates. Or at least have the courtesy to wait until I'm done before browsing."

As a lot of commenters have pointed out, there's no need for one player to have all the weapons and ammo, because ultimately, it would be virtually impossible to use it all.  Others say there's nothing worse than being left with the lackluster Mozambique shotgun. Ultimately, it's a relatively small quibble that Respawn can't do much about. While playing with friends should make it easier to stop weapon hogging, fans are at the mercy of who they're paired with when it comes to sharing fairly.

Whatever anyone's thoughts on players "snacking" all the best goods or swiping them in front of their eyes, there's no escaping the current popularity of Apex Legends. Already growing faster than Fortnite did upon releaseApex Legends is truly one to watch in 2019. Here's hoping everyone learns how to get along and that some of the more selfish players change their weapon hoarding ways.

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Source: Rory Powers

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