Apex Legends' L-Star Gun Leaked In Loot Packs

apex legends l-star gun leak

Latest in the series of leaks about the hottest new Battle Royale, Apex Legends, is yet another that seems likely to be true: it's possible that one of Titanfall's iconic guns is going to make it into the game sometime soon. An Apex Legends L-Star gun leak has been doing the rounds on Twitter, alleging that players have been receiving skins for this weapon up until the last update that the title received.

Almost all of Apex Legends' upcoming secrets for its season have been leaked online in some way, shape or form, and almost all of them have been accurate to date whether they were to do with weapons or characters. While there's still some mystery surrounding upcoming changes to the season that's just kicked off, the most recent Apex Legends L-Star gun leak looks like it's a rumor that's distinctly Titanfall flavored.

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The Apex Legends L-Star gun leak appears to show that players in the game were receiving weapon skins for the currently unreleased gun from Respawn's Titanfall. These photographs aren't screenshots from the game itself: they appear to have been taken off-screen and show off legendary weapon skins that are distinctly labeled within the in-game UI as being for the L-Star gun. The L-Star was infamous in Titanfall for having a bottomless magazine based on timing when the weapon would cool down and heat up. More weapon variety in a Battle Royale game is never a bad thing, and if this leak is correct, then it looks like Apex Legends is looking to switch things up in their debut season on top of the work that's already been done on introducing new characters.

The leaked tweet appears to suggest that the reason why the servers went down wasn't actually a reported progression issue with Apex Legends, but that these L-Star gun skins were sent out erroneously and that the game was trying to roll them back. There's been no confirmation at this stage from EA or from Respawn about the veracity of these leaks or about whether we'll be seeing the L-Star gun in the game in this upcoming season, but they were pretty silent on previous leaks that also ended up panning out so that doesn't mean anything in itself. Considering that Respawn has previously noted that datamined leaks aren't reliable, it's anyone's guess about this latest bit of information.

There's no actual word about when the Apex Legends L-Star gun leak is going to be verified or confirmation about when the actual gun will be released into the game if it ends up being an accurate rumor. That being said, we wouldn't be surprised if there was more Titanfall content to come on account of Respawn's involvement with both titles, so it's not the hardest thing to believe!

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Source: Apex Legends - News & Leaks/Twitter

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