Octane's Ultimate Leaks In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Jump Pad Leak Octane

Apex Legends may have just leaked its own character's ultimate. Jump pads have begun appearing in the game's online play, and they're suspiciously similar to what many believed would be Octane's ultimate ability once the character is implemented into the game with Apex Legends' upcoming Battle Pass system.

Fans already believed that Respawn Entertainment is about to introduce Octane, although the character hasn't been explicitly confirmed by the developer. A few days ago, players spotted an image on the game's Origin version that clearly showed the artwork that many believe corresponds with Octane. That image was next to a text teaser that said "Welcome to the Wild Frontier," which then named Octane as Apex Legends' next character while also mentioning the release of the heavily aniticpated season one Battle Pas. All signs point to Octane existing, but there's no release date or confirmation beyond the copious number of leaks that have indicated the character is coming soon.

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In a refreshing change of pace, though, it appears that Respawn itself might be leaking information regarding the new character, introducing a new game element rather than letting it be another Apex Legends datamining leak. A player named jetblacklab shared an Xbox One screenshot of a small, military-green platform that had arrows pointing toward its center. They indicated they found the jump pad near the Market area, and it sure looks like the leaked Octane ultimate that dataminers discovered earlier this month, helpfully named "Launch Pad." That ultimate ability states that Octane can deploy a jump pad that will catapult its users through the air, and jetblacklab also shared a video of their friends using the platform to launch themselves off in the exact same method described by the Octane leak that can be found here.

The inclusion of the jump pad in Apex Legends is certainly enough to all but confirm Octane will be a real, playable Legend in the near future, but Respawn went one step further, too. A Respawn developer shared the jump pad image on Twitter with a smirking emoji, two moves that seem to hint that Octane will be arriving and that it will be relatively soon, as shown above.

Either this is the most elaborate case of trolling a developer has pulled in some time, or Octane is coming to Apex Legends very soon. We'd put our money on the latter, and the inclusion of the jump pads make sense: Respawn is probably just stress-testing the mechanic while giving players a sample of how Octane plays, creating buzz while addressing any obvious bugs before the character goes live. In a year that's already been defined by several huge missteps from developers, Respawn, and by extension Apex Legends, seems to keep getting it right.

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Source: jetblacklab (via Dot Esports)


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