Apex Legends: Gameplay Trailer, Cinematic, and Details Revealed

Apex Legends Trailer Gameplay Details

Details, gameplay footage, a cinematic trailer, and more have finally arrived for Apex Legends. After ample leaks and speculation, the game is now officially available across Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This successor of sorts to Titanfall 2 is a free-to-play game based within the battle royale genre, and is sure to be billed by the publisher and others as Electronic Arts' push to combat Fortnite. Still, this ambitious labelling doesn't quite encapsulate what Apex Legends really is.

The game is designed with the same premise as other titles within the battle royale genre, albeit with teams of three dropping into the appropriately titled in-game battleground of Apex. The team-based component (while present in other shooters) is mandatory in this rendition, with one player being assigned the role of "Jumpmaster" when people hop out of the back of a ship flying over the map. From there on out the focus of the game is about working together to pick a landing destination, slowly amassing various weapons and armor, and killing hostile players.

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In total there are 60 players in a single match, which also means that there are a total of 20 teams. Each of these teams is comprised of the eight playable Legends that are available for selection. These characters each have their own traits which adds a different dimension to the way that they can impact the fight for their respective teams. Players will have to feel out which Legend they enjoy utilizing the most before jumping into the fray.

If that action looks like a blast, the in-depth look at the design philosophies behind Apex Legends is another video worth checking out.

Finally, a developer diary was released recapping everything that players have to anticipate with the sudden release of Apex Legends. Everything from character design for some of the Legends to the early tests for a Titanfall battle royale game are covered within the video.

For those more interested in the narrative behind Apex Legends, there's still plenty of that for them. Canonically, the game takes place after the events in Titanfall 2. Despite this, there are no Titans in Apex Legends, which is sure to be a bit of a sore spot for fans of what developer Respawn Entertainment describes as a power fantasy. Still, the story of the game is worth noting, and is more or less perfectly conveyed within the opening cinematic.

With Apex Legends becoming a major focus for Respawn Entertainment, their future should prove to be interesting. As a result of this project, it's unlikely that Titanfall 3 will be arriving anytime soon, too. So gamers eager to get their fill of Titanfall lore will have to master the various Legends of the free-to-play Apex Legends as they await a third entry in the critically-acclaimed franchise.

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Apex Legends is available now across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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