New Apex Legends Character Ability Leaked: Prophet's Precognition

A new datamine leak from Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends hints at a new character called Prophet and their impressive special skillset. As well as hints of a new Survival Mode, the latest datamine has unearthed some interesting details about potential characters who could join the game's roster.

Apex Legends launched with eight main characters, as well as the unlockable Caustic and Mirage. Fans knew it wouldn't be long before the character choices would expand, and now, players might have their first look at who's coming next. Most of the names are completely new, but the inclusion of Prophet has piqued the interest of the gaming community.

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According to Gaming INTEL, Prophet is set to join the battle royale brawler and will have the special ability of "Precognition." Although it's unclear what Precognition will actually do, a likely guess is the ability to foresee future events like where supply drops and loot caches are. A more interesting option could include letting a squad know where the final circle will be and allowing them to head there ahead of time. Up there with the likes of Gibraltar's Dome of Protection and Mirage's cloaking ability, Precognition sounds like a pretty handy ability to have.

Crysis 2 Prophet

With Apex Legnds taking the place of the shelved Titanfall 3, the most logical way to introduce new characters would be to bring the likes of Sarah or Jack Cooper into Apex Legends. While that might be the case further down the line, it looks like Respawn is thinking outside the box for now. Interestingly though, the name Prophet could tie into a similar series.

Remembering Crytek's Crysis series, the character of Laurence "Prophet" Barnes became the main character of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3. It might seem like a strange crossover to have considering there hasn't been a Crysis game since 2013, but it's important to remember that Apex Legends and the Crysis series are both published by EA. Just like the out-there inclusion of Todd McFarlane's Spawn in the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11, Prophet could make the leap to Apex Legends.

Even though players know a new character named Octane will release in week eight of Apex Legends (March 25- April 1), there's no news on when Prophet will drop. Players should bear in mind that Respawn has yet to make an official announcement or respond to the rumors of Prophet. Also, if there's only one new character per season, there could be a bit of a wait before gamers get to see Prophet in action. Thankfully, with Season 1 of Apex Legends launching in March, there won't be long to wait to see what's included and how many new characters are suiting up for battle.

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Source: Gaming INTEL

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