Players Can Get The Apex Legends Battle Pass For Half Price Right Now

We're drawing closer and closer to the release of the first Apex Legends Battle Pass. Leaks have players assuming that this Pass is going to release alongside the new hero, Octane, very soon. However, shelling out for this latest addition to the game could be a little costly for some fans. Luckily, there's a way for the Apex Legends battle pass to be acquired at half price for those who are enterprising.

While there's still been very little information around what the Apex Legends Battle Pass is actually going to contain, the aforementioned leaks have mentioned that the pass is going to cost 960 of the game's in-game Apex Coins currency. Players are able to purchase these Apex Coins for real money to buy the pass up front, but there's another way to do it which will net you some extras as well.

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If you haven't quite yet signed up to Origin Access Basic or EA Access Basic, then that's going to be your first port of call. The official Origin website notes once you sign up for either service will notify you of two important things: 1) that you have a bunch of Apex Legends downloadables, and 2) that you've received 1,000 Apex Coins. Now, you've conveniently got enough coins to purchase the Battle Pass.

Apex Legends Octane

This method of acquiring the in-game currency for the Apex Legends Battle Pass is more cost-effective than purchasing the necessary amount of currency upfront; the former costs $4.99 USD while the latter costs $9.99 USD. On top of that, Origin Access Basic and EA Access Basic are monthly subscriptions, so you'll only have to shell out that first month's fee for the goodies and the Battle Pass as long as you remember to cancel that subscription in a timely manner.

As mentioned, subscribing to the Origin / EA services is going to do more than just net you the Apex Coins that you need for the Apex Legends Battle Pass. You're also going to get a skin for the VK-47 Flatline that's a throwback to EA Sports, early access to games on EA's release radar in advance of the general public, and access to an existing catalog of the publisher's games to enjoy. If you're looking to cut more corners with costs, having an Origin subscription will make future purposes on the various e-shops cheaper so you can pick up more of what you love, for less. Now, it's time to get geared up for Season One!

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Source: Origin Official Website

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