'Any Day' Trailer: Sean Bean Attempts Life as an Ex-Con

In the extensive realm of genre and sub-genre movies, there are certain stories that continue to resurface time and time again - stories essential to film history as a whole. There's the "heist film," the "road movie," the "buddy cop" story, and the "sports drama" to name a few. And as "sports dramas" go, few are as lasting as the tale of boxer rising from rags to (emotional) riches.

Cinematic greats have already followed the tension of throwing a fight (On the Waterfront) and a small-time-fighter with a chance at the title (Rocky), with the upcoming Southpaw following a boxer attempting to get his personal life back on track. But what of the ex-fighter looking for redemption? Have no fear: Rustam Branaman's Any Day is here.

Starring Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) and Kate Walsh (Grey's Anatomy), Any Day follows the story of Vian, an ex-boxer who spent his last twelve years in prison for manslaughter. After being released, Vian (Bean) moves in with his sister (Walsh) and her son Jimmy, and tries to get back on the right track to become a role model for his nephew. He eventually falls in love with a woman named Jolene (Longoria) who offers help in pieceing his life back together.

The film comes from writer/director/actor Rustam Branaman whose previous directorial exploits (Project Solitude and The Culling) were both indie-thrillers of a completely different nature - making Any Day Branaman's first real attempt at a bigger film with bigger stars.

Any Day Movie

Though the general premise is somewhat of a familiar one, Any Day appears to explore the redemption of a character who is down from the start. Beginning his return to the world by admitting he committed a murder to the victim's mother (as shown in the trailer above), the film's protagonist seems caught in an inescapable spiral, reminded at every turn of his past - a past that not only affects him, but those close to him.

Judging by the trailer, the main thing to look forward to in this film is the performances. Sean Bean - known for films like the The Lord of the Rings trilogy and his turn as the Lord of Winterfell in HBO's Game of Thrones - looks poised to do a character who has hit rock bottom justice; and Eva Longoria, best known for her time on ABC's Desperate Housewives, gets to tackle the role of a woman helping a man get back on his feet while dealing with relationship problems of her own.

There seems to be the potential for a story both inspirational and uplifting - putting a new spin on the age-old story about a boxer.

Any Day is available on VOD and iTunes.

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