Antonio Banderas Talks Puss In Boots Spin-Off

A few months ago we posted about the fact that the upcoming Shrek spin-off movie featuring Puss in Boots (voiced by Antonio Banderas) would be an origin story. We learned that the movie would deal with the early years of the feisty feline, and later we also learned that it would feature new characters (read: no Shrek, no Princess Fiona, no Donkey).

However, thanks to Latino Review, we get word that the above may not be entirely the case. El Guapo from LR got a chance to talk to Banderas at a junket for his new movie, The Other Man, where he asked the actor about how the Puss in Boots movie was going. On top of revealing an apparent new Halloween special featuring the character (which I'll get to in a sec), Banderas revealed that the spin-off will take place between Shrek 4 and 5.

So how can Puss in Boots be an origin story if it doesn't take place before his first appearance in Shrek 2? As Latino Review notes/asks - will the character's origin be told in the form of flashbacks? I would rather they just make it a proper prequel movie if they're going to go with an actual origin story.

As I've said before, I don't think there's enough to the Puss in Boots character to justify a full-length feature film telling his story. For me, he worked as a novelty character when he appeared in Shrek 2, but it wasn't long before that novelty wore off. I'm sure a spin-off would do pretty well financially (any link to the Shrek series is bound to rope in the kiddies), but I'm not all that enthused about it.

With regards to the aforementioned Halloween special, Banderas spoke of a new one to air not this Halloween but next. Latino Review says (and apologies for the fact that) they might have picked Banderas up wrong, and he may actually have been referring to the upcoming Shrek Halloween special, Shrek or Treat. It SOUNDS more like a new special, but no way to tell for sure yet.

What do you think about what Banderas has revealed about a Puss in Boots spin-off? How do you think the character's origin story will be told (flashbacks)?

Puss in Boots is slated for a March 30th, 2012 release.

Source: LatinoReview

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