Bizarre Green Lantern Rumor (That We Hope Is Wrong)

[UPDATE: Thankfully, this Green Lantern rumor has been debunked.]

Just when the Green Lantern movie was starting to sound cool - epic script and Martin Campbell as director, comes a rumor that is NOT good news. It seems that for some bizarre reason, Warner Bros. wants to go "young" on the Green Lantern movie. The word from Latino Review is that one actor being considered to wear the emerald and black tights is:

Anton Yelchin.

Hoo boy.

Nothing against the guy (should I say, "kid?") but what the heck is WB thinking? Green Lantern, especially as he exists in the current screenplay can NOT be someone as young as Yelchin. Hal Jordan (GL's alter ego) is supposed to be a seasoned test pilot, not a kid who isn't even old enough to have graduated college.

This seems to play into the (currently dead) Justice League movie "teen casting" concept that was also ridiculous. If you remember, the studio was looking to populate that movie with a bunch of fresh, young faces instead of actors in their early to mid 30s, which would have made much more sense. At the time the majority of actors they had in mind were between 19 and 22 years old.

And now they're considering 19 year old Anton Yelchin for the role of Green Lantern?

Again, at this point this is rumor, but the word is the studio had also been looking at Emile Hirsch (Speed Racer) for the role, but he declined.

So what do you think? Who do YOU think Warner Bros. should be looking at for the role of Green Lantern?

Source: Latino Review

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