What Anthony Mackie's Falcon Thinks of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War

Anthony Mackie explains on our Avengers: Infinity War set visit what his character, Sam Wilson a.k.a. Falcon, thinks of Josh Brolin's Thanos. It's just under a month away until the most anticipated movie of the year hits theaters, and it has a chance to be the biggest Marvel movie yet. It's certainly the biggest in terms of sheer scale. And the main focus will be on the arrival of Thanos as he finally debuts as the main villain - and, apparently, the main character of the movie.

Infinity War, like the Marvel Comics that inspired it, will center around Thanos' quest to obtain all six Infinity Stones in order to gain limitless, universe-controlling powers. As Falcon, Mackie will be a key part of the massive group of superheroes assembled to battle him. His version of Falcon is closer to human than super-human - certainly more so than Thanos. So as you may expect, his character is going to have a strong reaction to Thanos' powers.

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While Screen Rant's Rob Keyes was on the set of Infinity War, Mackie described Falcon's reaction to the mere thought of Thanos and his world-bending power as generally unnerved. But of course, that doesn't mean Falcon will avoid fighting back. He and Sebastian Stan also couldn't resist throwing in some Josh Brolin quips. Here's the full exchange:

Your character is a very realistic kind of guy, so what does he think when he hears about this all-powerful being who's going to kill everyone?

Anthony Mackie: One thing about Falcon I've always loved since the beginning of discovering this character is his Military background, his belief that his job in life to fight for his fellow man. So when he hears about those in his overall idea of world destruction, he's very disheartened and shaken by it. He's eager to get into the fight against this super evil, this diabolical demon known as Thanos. Y'all know who's playing Thanos?


Anthony Mackie: Right! Right? I mean when you think of Thanos--

Sebastian Stan: You think of W. He was so great in that movie.

Anthony Mackie: Brolin.

Sebastian Stan: He's a great actor.

Falcon Anthony Mackie

Despite Thanos' decidedly superhuman abilities and destructive ambitions, Mackie recently described Infinity War as the "most human" Marvel movie - certainly a high bar to set, especially in the wake of Black Panther. He's also teased a massive action scene that could feature 40 superheroes as part of one giant battle. It's likely you got a glimpse of said battle scene in the first Infinity War trailer.

Falcon likely won't be the only hero in the movie to have a sense of awestruck dread, even at just the idea of Thanos wanting to do what he would describe as "rebalancing the universe." That's clearly not how someone like Falcon would view such actions. However Falcon approaches his fight against the MCU's biggest villain yet, you can rest assured that the fan favorite has a good chance to survive it.

In fact, perhaps Falcon and Bucky Barnes have a chance at a spin-off movie like Sebastian Stan wants. But even if that became a reality, that would still be far off - and part of a new phase of the MCU. The focus for now is on Avengers: Infinity War, and Mackie has set a standard that may be hard for a movie with this deep a cast to achieve. But wherever you find the humanity in its characters, it's likely that Falcon will be among the strongest sources of it.

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